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  1. Y

    GPQ Supply and Sub Base Capacity

    Hello, I have a couple of questions about the supply system. I would be so glad if you can help me with: 1- I noticed a problem with the supply capacity(i don't know if it's an intended effect tho). When a sub base for example CCA Base of 4th Armored Base loses all of it's capacity due to...
  2. SamuraiN

    Supply Depot Question

    1) How to interpret stock arrival schedule? Suppose we command a division, standard stock level is said to be 7 days. So if supply arrival is 20% for Day 1, does that mean we will receive 1.4 day supply for a division on Day 1, or 0.2 day supply? 2) How to interpret stock numbers for a base...
  3. SamuraiN

    Supply Line display

    I propose making the supply line display to show the latest supply route, whether blocked or not, in all conditions. This would help to identify which lines of communication need to be secured.
  4. SamuraiN

    Supply Convoy Question

    1) If a supply convoy is on its way, and the unit to be supplied moved, will the convoy still reach it? 2) How does a convoy get destroyed, only when it comes within the close firing range of enemy units, or any spot on the road under potential enemy sight is hazardous?