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    A Wing and a Prayer 1942 Campaign AAR report.
    The first two missions were milk runs with only the flak over the target and no enemy air interceptions. However the first was in heavy cloud cover with no damage to the target and the second in clear weather fell one hit short of damaging the target so at the end of the first two missions I had zero campaign victory points. The third mission, this one to Amiens, was a doozie! There were light clouds but I scored enough hits damaged the target. On the way home my escort left me and with two boxes to go, I was jumped by six FW-190s with three aces. After the two attacks, I had shot down several of the FW-190s but had two heavily damaged bombers, both of which dropped out of formation. Luckily, only two hexes from their base, they were able to find their way home. Finally I had 3 campaign victory points. The fourth mission was another milk run in light clouds and this time I destroyed the target. Another three campaign victory points. For the last mission, a three box supposed milk run to Lille, flak was ineffective (2 die against each bomber but double sixes are necessary before damage can be assessed) but I was jumped by five Me-109s with 2 aces. Luckily, I had eight P-47s with two aces. My escorts got off the first shots and, after two rounds of combat, only one damaged Me-109 made it to the bombers. On his first pass he picked on a green aircraft and both missed. On his second pass he took on my lead crack bomber and it fired first, shooting him Then, on the bombing run, I rolled and again fell one hit short of damaging the target. I only gained two victory points in this mission and ended up with six campaign points for a draw in the campaign. Not a happy result but with three missed bombings out of five, I'll take it. I didn't lose any bombers or crew and manage to end up with four crack and four veteran crews. It is a great game and now I'm off for the full 25 mission campaign.
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    I just completed 3 turns and had a similar experience

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