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A Few Mods for Nations at War Compendium Vol. 1 v2.0


Oct 8, 2021
Pierce County
Here’s a few quick modifications Nations at War Compendium Vol. 1 v2.0 to make two scenarios more accurate.

Escape at Dunkirk, 6/02/1940 France

The British forces call out for 3 x Cromwell troops. Suggested change is to substitute 3 troops of Mk IV cruisers from Desert Heat, or call out in the SSR essentials the data for a Mk IV in case the players don’t have the Desert Heat counters.

The Cromwell wasn’t available until late 1943 when it was armed with a 6 pdr main gun; it was later up-gunned in time for Normandy with a 75mm main gun to improve HE performance. For Dunkirk, the BEF had available cruiser tanks Mk I A9 and Mk II A10, both armed with a 2 pdr main gun, as well as some Mk III A13. The A10 was about 1/2 the speed (16 mph road) of the A9 and A13 (25 - 30 mph) and both were mechanically unreliable. The cruiser tank Mk IV was an up-armored and up-engined descendant of the earlier Mk I and II, and was essentially a Mk III with added armor and a road speed of 30 mph, also being armed with the 2 pdr gun.

Queen of Battle, 6/18/1944

The American forces call out for an M36 self propelled anti-tank gun (SPG). Suggest substituting a M10 SPG instead of the M36.

The M36 didn’t appear in the ETO until late September and October 1944 when it was issued for training and initially used in combat. It was basically an M10 up-gunned with a 90mm main gun; the M10 had a 3 inch (76.2mm) gun. The M10 was widely available and deployed during and after the Normandy invasion, and would be the logical fit for this scenario.