A second game with much more!

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    I think LnL dropped the ball by not hitting up a second game in this series, especially when the Walking Dead show was at its highest viewer ratings a few years ago.

    Maybe a Hawaii theme? It could have both urban and rural terrain.

    But If they ever publish a second game, I would like to see more objects to find, no Zombie 6 and 5 cards allowed in building searches, more terrain types, more Zombie types, some new Survivors, buildings with multi levels to search, maybe caves/tunnels/sewers/subway, more hand to hand weapon types like knifes, swords and so on.

    Some searching without Zombies all the time, a little down time to explore.

    So new terrain other than the multi level buildings mentioned earlier could be: parks, jungle, water types, thick forest, urban city streets, bridges and more.

    Multiply survivors can be in the same hex.

    Maybe food and water items to find as well. Maybe some animals, both good and bad to interact with. Maybe released zoo animals and so on.

    Just a couple of Zombies that are stronger in Melee or very quick for the variety in the Zombie draw!

    Lastly, different levels of Zombie creation, to make a scenario easier or harder.

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