All Things Zombie - Outbreak After Action Report Part 1

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
All Things Zombie - Outbreak After Action Report

NOT the actual components, but the sweet thing is you can use the original game components and with a little tweaking, make it work. Perfect for playing with minis as well. Best of both worlds - keeping in mind I'm a minis player originally. Not going to bog it down with too much detail, here we go.

Tonya and Lil enter the board. Object is to make it to the other side of the second map.

Event cards are drawn to place initial zeds. The cards tell you if you've met zeds or humans based on the area you are in - rural, suburbs or urban area. Each has specific traits. 1st card is always only zeds. I get 2 stacks of 2.

Activation dice are rolled. Humans (blue) go first and try to fast move. Your best weapons are your legs. Your worse enemy, your ego. I know as I've learned it the hard way many times.

A couple of turns in and the zeds are catching up.

Doubles for activation means draw an Event Card. The number on the dice is also the direction. The card reveals 1 survivor. I draw a NPC character card from the unused pile. Sailor - Rep 3 Movement 3 - Pistol and Baseball Bat.

3rd d6 for NPCs is added to activation. Sailor rolls for NPC movement and heads towards Tonya and Lil. But is he a Friend or Foe? In Outbreak you don't know but will easily find out.

Friend and Foe Test taken. He's not hostile but not sure if he's a friend either.

Tonya and Lil move to Talk the Talk the Sailor. Tonya scores more successes and Sailor offers to join their group.

As the zeds are closing in Tonya agrees. The Encounter is a success so far as she has recruited a new member to her group but the adventure is far from over. More to come...

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