All Things Zombie Reloaded - After Action Report

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado

An adventurous romp through the zombie apocalypse for your Halloween Weekend.
By Jim Owczarski, 31 October 2015

My family, on my mother’s side anyway, comes from the farming town of Abrams, Wisconsin; 2000 population 1,757 if Wikipedia is to be believed. Growing up, I’d often be taken back to the ancestral homestead to sit in my great-grandmother’s kitchen and hear the elders talk about the ciezkie czasy. These “hard times”, for that is the meaning of the Polish phrase, were something scrubby preteens would be threatened with if the odd vegetable went uneaten or we otherwise expressed ingratitude for our material circumstances. I don’t know as I was ever certain what would cause these times, other than my own ingratitude, or how they might end. I was certain, however, that I wanted to hide from them up there in Abrams. Not too many people about, but those who were tended to be good with things necessary in the direst of circumstances and might even be honest and trustworthy enough to help you resist whatever might be causing the hard times.

I think I can say without fear of correction that a zombie apocalypse would count as ciezkie czasy. With all this in mind, please join me as I, my wife, and my son journey to Abrams and confront the slavering horde of the undead as imagined by Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s “All Things Zombie: Reloaded” (ATZ).

You can read the rest of the After Action Report over at Grogheads. Oh and good luck Jim.

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