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Apr 6 Update 2

Tom Proudfoot

Digital Designer
Oct 13, 2014
Alameda, CA
OK, got some more stuff done. One note about windowed mode at the end that is probably important.


- updated Unity to 2019.3.8f1
- changed dragging windows to not resnap the center of the window to the mouse position
- made game window resizeable if in windowed mode (alt-Enter to toggle windowed mode on PC, dunno what it is on Macs, probably whatever it is supposed to be)
- disabled not-your-turn-sniper button in multiplayer until I can get it to work right
- fixed highlighting of current stack when Opportunity Move is chosen
- fixed glider landing on units in bunker starting a Melee that can’t be progressed
- fixed Esc bringing up the in-game menu on the Module screen
- added range in hexes to the LOS string

Special note, because it may get weird on large monitors or something - windowed mode has always been in there as a Unity default (alt-Enter toggles it). What I enabled was the ability to resize the window if you are in windowed mode - hopefully this will help out people in weird aspect ratios because at least they can change the aspect of the game window now.

However Unity, in all its wisdom, when you go BACK to fullscreen from windowed, defaults to using that previous windowed size as the fullscreen resolution, so if you had a little window, the fullscreen resolution is now THAT size all blown up, which is usually horribly blurry and ugly. What I've done is have the game check your desktop resolution if you are in windowed mode, and remember it, and if you go back to fullscreen use that as the fullscreen size. Theoretically this should work but for people with 3 monitors or VR or monitors with a 31:10 aspect ratio or something, I'm not sure. Let me know if it does something bizarre. Thanks!