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    I am not sure I understand the concept of the US artillery. The scenarios list the number of "packets" available. Each packet is worth six firepower factors. For example, in Scenario 01, the US has 18 artillery (three 6-point packets) available each turn.

    1. Can each packet be broken down (2 packets of 3 firepower factors each) or must they be used as one packet of 6 firepower factors?

    2. Can some/all artillery packets be used on the same target?

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    Artillery is simulated by "packets' of 6 firepower factors each. In scenario One, you receive three packets of six firepower factors each turn, for a total of 18. These packets cannot be broken down any further. They can be used as either a 6, 12 or 18 firepower attack, either on their own, or as part of a combined attack with other units.

    You can use some or all of the artillery on the same target, as long as it's spotted by an American Leader within LOS to the target. Hope that clears it up for you and thanks for the question!

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