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Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by Doug Alber, Nov 15, 2015.

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    Dec 31, 2014
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    Couple of questions on the reboots of the above games: what is the differences between the old versions and the new? The reason I'm asking is that I already have BoH (2 copies) and Swift and the Bold and a copy of Day of Heroes. I like the new counters, but not sure if the they are enough to make me want to spurge on new copies of the games. I'm asking more about Day of Heroes, since I'm thinking I might be good on BoH

    I understand the rules and the map artwork has been redone and X-maps will be included in pre-orders.

    Are there new/additional counters in the new versions?

    For those of us with the older copies, is there going to be a way to get the game/module specific rules to use with the Living Rules? (As in I don't mind paying for them)

    Have the scenarios been redone enough to warrant re-purchase? (As in I don't mind paying for them)

    I have Heroes of the Gap on pre-order; will it be carried forward as Heroes against the Red Star or do I need to cancel the pre-order and re-order?

    As a curiosity question, is there any thought of taking some of the LoF scenarios/counters/maps/terrain and making them available as either Battle Packs or separately purchasable items?

    I really like the way LnL is going forward and already have a slew of pre-orders. I haven't seen a series worth collecting like this since the old Squad Leader (at least until GI: Anvil of Victory).


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    Hi Doug

    Appreciate you asking the question ... I think a lot of long time LNL players/owners will have the same question about whether they should replace/upgrade the earlier versions of these excellent, be they Shrapnel, Matrix of LNL Publishing, editions.

    I certainly expect the reboots will encourage more "new" players to give this excellent series a serious look. Also those who missed the rarer games/expansions like Ring of Hills, Heroes of the Gap or Forgotten Heroes/Anzac Attack now get a chance to buy new slick and self contained version. This is a good thing.

    Like you though, I'm in two minds about rebuying the games/expansions I already have if the changes are mainly cosmetic, as one might infer from the product descriptions, rather than having new/additional content.


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    Hi Doug & Jeff

    We done a lot of work on updating and expanded player aid cards, scenario booklet and of course the rules. We made sure that most of new materials such as the X-Maps and Battle Generator will be available for any LnLT fan can order if they want. We have also expanded the counters mix so future expansions can be played with the new editions.

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