Battered Bastards (breaking into Bastogne) Axis

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    Strategic decision: Where do you think the main assault should be? Please explain your reasoning.

    Note: Black circles indicate armour. A company of 13 Hetzers in the west, and two companies of 18 Panzer IV L /70(V) total and one company of 13 Pz IV Ausf. J in the southeast. To simplify the task, you don't have to consider the north sector too seriously. There is heavy enemy concentration there because 2 Panzer Division used to be in that area but has left. Reinforcements will not come until Day 4. Bastogne 1.png Bastogne North.png Bastogne South.png Bastogne Southeast.png Bastogne Southwest.png Bastogne West.png
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    Not sure. But I would say that you definitely cannot rely on those Allied units being where the intel says they are after play begins. One of the first things the enemy AI does, typically, is rearrange its defensive lines.

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