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Big Chill Breakout(...not really an AAR at all!)

Jun 5, 2022
I entirely forgot to take screenshots of this battle, which was doubly unfortunate since it was my first ever victory, albeit just a Marginal Victory. Still, a victory is still a victory so I thought I could at least post the final position screenshots that I did actually remember to take. So, here's the overall final position along with the objectives window open:

2 - Final Position(with objectives list).png

I only narrowly missed holding Geldrop over to the East of Eindhoven too. There was a serious and ongoing battle there for a good while and I just wasn't able to hold it in the end. With hindsight I should have abandoned Meerveldhoven completely and pushed those troops further West into Oerle instead which has a much smaller area around it's objective and would've been a lot easier to hold I think.

Anyway, you live and learn, hopefully. Here's a slightly more zoomed in version of the above:

3 - Final Position(zoomed in).png

And the victory screen:

4 - Marginal Victory Notification.png

I mentioned before about not touching the Artillery at all and I did the same here letting my subordinate commanders call it in, or not, as they decide best, so it's always a bit of an extra treat for me to see the Artillery hitting targets as I begin attacking or simply watching it suddenly land in amongst a large congregated group of enemy units(as happened very near the start of the battle).

So, apologies again for forgetting to take regular(or any...) screenshots of the actual battle taking place, but I'll make sure I do better with the next battle.

Good luck, and God bless.