Clarifications on blind spots clarifications


Feb 21, 2015
The clarification reads
"Count the number of hexes between the higher unit and the obstacle; this is the number of hexes in a straight line behind obstacle which cannot be seen."
It isn't strictly speaking between as that would exclude the obstacle a better wording would be count the range in hexes from the higher unit to the obstacle.

Luckily the Example is correct but if it isn't read then the blind hexes will be one short.

Keith Tracton

Staff member
Jan 23, 2016
From a US-English colloquial-usage perspective, the clarification is correct. And that is the only perspective, alas, I have access to directly. ;-)
If I had intended it to be the distance without consideration of counting the location of either the unit or the potential obstacle to its LOS, I would have used the expression "in-between." That is just how I use that term; likely no grammar book would support it. Problematic also is that Range as a concept and procedure is not introduced until the next section of the rules, 10.3 Range, so using it here might lead to confusion.

One advantage I find to examples is that if what I meant was misunderstood by any of our non-US customers, then the example I would hope would clarify. Otherwise, I would find the example to simply be redundant.

I wipe my brow that the example was right! :) Thanks for your attention to detail though! I greatly appreciate anyone who reads these in-depth and offers suggestions!

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