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    Command Op 2 Build 5.1.24 is Now Available.

    • Convert to VS2013
    • Fixed Out of Sync Issue caused by Miquel's code to store entrenchments. Changes to ScenScenario::GetDeploymentState(). Added temp calls to RecordOrVerifyState() to track down the cause inside ScenPlanScheduling::ScheduleNextEvent(), GameEventThread: ProcessPartialMinute(), ScenTaskEvent: ProcessEvent() and ScenDefendEvent: ProcessEventSelf(). Note this fixed the problems inhibiting replaying or recordings and playing a multiplayer game.
    • Fixed possible error inside PGTreeCtrl::Clear(). Now ensures items are removed before clearing.
    • Increased width of Orders dialog to ensure time remaining fields for air strikes are visible.
    • Fixed bug inside PlanAttack::ConfirmTimings() which was eroneously adding an extra minute to the attack duration.
    • Added mIgnoreReinf flag to SMScenarioDataPalette. This allows the user in the sm to specify if a change in the scenario timings applies to the reinforcement schedules.
    • Modified ScenarioData->AdjustScenarioLength() and ScenScenario::AdjustScenarioLength() to facilitate IgnoreReinf changes.
    • Fixed various memory leaks
    • Optimised start process. It now opens around 10% faster,

    Note this new build will be installing some new MS redistributable Dlls into your game folder. These are the new VS2013 set and replace the older VS2010 set we have been using. They should also fix the missing ordinal issue that a small number of users experienced. We've tested it here but onlu on a limited set of machine configurations. So we need to monitor this. If you run into any troubles please let us know.
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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor, Nov 19, 2015.

    1. Jason Church
      Jason Church
    2. James Ling
      James Ling
      I've installed the patch but cant start the game, I get this message: "the program can't start because mfc120.dll is missing" It advises me to try reinstalling so I downloaded and reinstalled the core engine - but it still wont start and I get the same message.
    3. HariSeldon
      Same problem for me.
    4. john connor
    5. pierreoza
    6. James Ling
    7. *budd*
      after the update my game doesn't start. I reinstalled 2013 C++ Redistributable, and rebooted, no dice. I click the shortcut and nothing. When i check task manager, there are 3 co2 exe. processes running, i can't shut them down using end process.
    8. TMO
      Unfortunately I have the same problem. Tried downloading as advised by pierreoza but get an error saying the app won't run on my machine.


    9. TMO
      OK, I've fixed this now!


    10. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Tbere sbould be a vcredist_x64 a d x86 file in the game directory. Double click the x64 one if you have a 64 bit machine or the x86 one if you have a 32 bit machine.

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    11. *budd*
      No luck, still not starting. No error messages, just nothing. I look in task manager and there are always 3 instances of CO2exe. running that i cant close out with end process. I uninstalled, cleaned the directories out, checked my .net installation to make sure its up to date and repaired the C++ redistributable. Downloaded the new core engine version and the commanders pack. I installed the core engine and tried to run that before trying the commander pack. No change the core engine doesn't start either and again there are 3 instances of co2 exe. in the process tab. Never had a problem before this update.
    12. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor

      What OS are you running? Is your PC a 64bit or 32bit machine? Can you reboot to clear all the old processes and then start up the Task Manager to ensure there is no CO2 process running. Then launch the game and check the processes again for me and report back. Thanks mate. Hang in there we'll get this sorted.
    13. *budd*
      Win7 home 64. Rebooted, no instances of CO2 running after reboot. Started CO2 as admin, opened task manager. Game didn't start, 1 instance of CO2 exe running, while i'm watching the process tab 2 more instances of COexe. start up. All using 124kb of memory with no processor activity. I only have the core engine installed at this point. Also cant close any instance using end process, only a reboot clear the processes.
    14. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Budd, send me a DXDiag report please.

      Did you install the vcredist package?

      I just checked on StackOverflow, which is a community developer site, and it advises that the vcredist version should correspond to the application not the operating system. So I have given wrong advice. My bad and I'm sorry. The correct version of the vcredist package is the vcredist_x86. The vcredist_x64 can be ignoired. Don't worry if you have already installed it. But you do need the vcredist_x86 version unless you already have MS Visual Studio 3013 installed on your machine.
    15. *budd*
      i installed vcredistX86, rebooted and tried to run the core engine, nothing. One CO2exe. starts then shortly after 2 more start up. Dxdiag attached.

      Attached Files:

    16. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Thanks Budd. Nothing leaps out at me in that report. I wonder if your installer is corrupt. Could you please uninstall CO2 (make a back up of any data you want to keep). Then please download the installer again and reinstall. Thanks.
    17. *budd*
      after the update process didn't work i did uninstall and redownload the new build and did a fresh install, want me to try again? the core installer i downloaded today was 118 megs.
    18. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      I just need to wait on Jason to provide me with the latest version of the LNL installer for 5.1.24. 118Mb sounds a bit light to me. The installer for 5.1.22 was 127Mb.
    19. *budd*
      i uninstalled and cleaned the registry out of any CO2 references. I downloaded the core engine again, its 118megs zipped and 118 megs unzipped. Want me to reinstall or wait on the info from Jason?

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