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Command Ops 2 Documentation, Resources & Modules

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Please find a listing of Command Ops 2 Documentation and Resources

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Command Ops Battle Modules -

Highway to the Reich - Highway to the Reich covers the famous 1944 Operation Market Garden. Fought in Holland, it saw the Allied First Airborne Corps attempt to capture the cities of Eindhoven, Nijmegen and the ultimate prize Arnhem, which lay on the far side of the mighty Rhine River. Can you lay down a carpet of elite paratroopers to secure Hell’s Highway and drive the British 30th Corps into Germany and win the war by Christmas. As Feld Marshall Model can you scramble the mixed bag of German forces, commit your elite SS panzers to retake the key bridges and stop the boldest Allied offensive of the war. Contains 13 scenarios.

Foothills of the Gods - Foothills of the Gods covers the German offensive to conquer Greece in 1941. As Feldmarschall List can you drive your 40th Army Korps hard and fast through the mountain passes, around Mount Olympus and seize Athens to secure the southern flank for the coming invasion of the Soviet Union. Or as the resource-strapped commander of the Middle East, Gen Wavell, can you hold the passes with your tough, veteran ANZACs and achieve what no Allied army has been able to do in the war so far and stop the Germans. Also, covers the 1940 Italian offensive through the Balkan approaches to Greece. Contains 19 scenarios.

The Cauldron - The Cauldron covers the famous battles in the Mediterranean and North Africa during 1941/42, including the island invasions of Crete and Leros, operations Battleaxe, Brevity and Crusader in North Africa and hypothetical invasions of Malta. As General Student in charge of the XI Fliegerkorps can you pull off the most stunning airborne victory of WW2. Or as Major General Gott in charge of the famous Desert Rats 7th Armoured Division can you prevail over the Deutches Afrika Korps in the desert sands of Libya. Contains 20 Scenarios.

Ride of the Valkyries - Ride of the Valkyries covers Hitler’s last offensive in what became known as the 1944 Battle of the Bulge. It focuses on the northern shoulder. As Obersturmbannfuhrer Peiper can you race your elite 1st SS panzer group and force a crossing of the Meuse river and turn the tide in the West. Or as General Ridgeway can you take charge and shore up the crumbling defenses with your XVIII Airborne Corps and use the reinforcing 3rd Armoured Division to drive back the German forces. Contains 12 scenarios.

Bastogne - Bastogne covers the southern shoulder of the 1944 Battle of the Bulge. As General von Manteuffel can you win the race to Bastogne with your 5th Panzer Army and achieve the victory needed to stave off Germany’s collapse? Or as General Patton can you drive your 3rd Army north through winter blizzards to relieve Bastogne and cave in the biggest German penetration on the Western front. Contains 12 scenarios.

Knock On All Doors - Knock on all Doors is a 12 scenario module for Command Ops 2 covering the momentous decisions in the first 48 hours of the battle of the bulge in Belgium 1944. These are very large scenarios in terms of area and forces. But they are relatively short and allow you to command either the German 7th Army, 5th Panzer Army or 1SS Panzer Korps and make the key initial decisions that will determine the outcome of this famous battle.

There are four sets of three scenarios. The first is the historical O-Tag or Day 1 set that commences on 16 December. The second or “Decision” set allows the player the opportunity to explore the famous “what ifs” faced by the German commanders on the second day of the battle 17 December. The third or “Knock” set works on the basis of employing the original staff plan, developed by General Manteuffel that embodied the concept of “knock on all doors and pour through the ones that open”. The fourth “Big Knock” series takes this concept a little further and employs an augmented order of battle.

One of the joys of KOAD is the sheer scope of these scenarios. They enable you to gain an insight into the operational issues faced by the army commanders; explore options for employing different courses of action and game out the famous what-ifs that historians and analysts have debated.

Westwall - The Westwall series covers the Allied attempts to breach the vaunted Siegfried Line and drive into the heart of Germany in the fall of 1944. Westwall highlights the major battles along the German frontier between Arnhem and Aachen, including the battles around the Peel Marshes, Geilenkirchen, and the Stolberg Corridor. As the Allies, can you breach the Westwall and overrun the exhausted German Army before they can rest and regroup? Or as the Germans, can you hold out sufficient reserves for a lightning strike against the Allied juggernaut?

Featuring highly accurate, detailed and beautiful maps, these scenarios field a varied force mix, including some with heavy concentrations of armor requiring dynamic, challenging operational decisions. The scenarios range in size from Regimental actions through to Army level operations. Contains 12 scenarios.

Patton's Charge - Patton’s Charge is not available. Patton's Charge covers a series of operation conducted along the Western front in late 1944/early 1945. After the breakout from Normandy in mid-1944 General Patton launched a blistering drive across France with the aim of penetrating the German Westwall line south of the Ardennes. Patton’s Charge will cover the more significant battles from this famous campaign, including Operation Nordwind, Nancy, Metz, the Saar and the Lorraine. It will also cover the Huertgen Forest battles just north of the Ardennes.

Many of these battles involved low unit density over large map areas. This will be markedly different from the more highly congested Battles from the Bulge and Market Garden. They will also provide a good mix of different force types and qualities. Some of the battles will see elite forces from both sided pitted against each other in set piece standoffs. While others will see more freewheeling battles as mobile forces must penetrate and outmaneuver their opponents. Patton was the master of the mobile offensive. Will you be able to live up to his reputation?

More Battle Modules Coming.


Jul 23, 2015
Kingston, ON
The version number on the Estab Editor is 0.9, but I have a 1.0 in my "Documentation" directory, with a time stamp of 28 Sep 15. Any idea why the discrepancy?


Dec 13, 2014
I remember that the developer (Dave) created a series of tutorial videos for the St. Vith scenario a number a years ago. It was a terrific series. Can you please post a link to this content? I know Dave is super busy, but it would be great if he could create some new tutorials with the updated engine/features included.


Dec 12, 2014
You can find these tutorials on YouTube, on the Panther Games playlist.