By CapHillRat on May 25, 2015 at 7:43 PM
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    This is a screen of my new scenario tentatively called "The Third Assault" in Scenmaker:

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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by CapHillRat, May 25, 2015.

    1. rjantzi
      Very nice. I'm looking forward to it.
    2. CapHillRat
      Me too! Will be my biggest scenario to date. 8 German divisions and 9 Soviet divisions represented .
    3. rjantzi
      Wow, that may be too large for my computer. The big scenarios run slowly for me. I'll try it when it gets released and see how it performs. Any idea when you'll be done?
    4. CapHillRat
      I am pretty motivated to finish this one so maybe by the weekend. I've completed 2/3rds of the Soviet OOB and positioned them and all the German Divisional units are positioned on the map. Historical placement always takes me a long time but I knocked it out pretty quickly today. I won't playtest this scenario and will just open it up to everyone to play when I am playing it.
    5. CapHillRat
      Updated screen. You can see Soviet Naval Infantry in the bottom right corner. A first use of them I believe (though I've had them modeled for awhile).

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    6. rjantzi
      Can you tell me how many units will be in use for this scenario?
    7. CapHillRat
      right now it stands at 160 for axis and 195 for the soviets but I am still building things out. What is your optimal scenario size in terms of units for your computer?
    8. rjantzi
      I've mostly been playing the smaller scenarios. The largest one that I've played right thru is Greyhound Dash (316 units) and that was OK on my computer. I think I'll be OK up to 400 units or so, 500+ may be too slow.
    9. CapHillRat
      I prefer smaller scenarios myself. I will see if I can keep it in that range. I might eliminate the reinforcing divisions and shorten the scenario length to accomplish that.
    10. rjantzi
      Much appreciated.
    11. Rob

      or maybe 2 versions?? shorter or longer?

      Good stuff as always!

    12. CapHillRat
    13. Kurt
      Yes 2 (or more) versions please:)
    14. GoodGuy
      Most beautiful Stalingrad map that can be found in a game/sim, ever. :snaphappy:

      Now we need the dismount-Inf-feature, to make sure the German troops can storm the Red October factory. ;) :spam:
    15. CapHillRat
      A new screen of a play through with a limited amount of German forces. I realized this weekend that I have the 112th Rifle division on the wrong side of the Orlovka river. They had their right flank at this point flush against the river instead of their left. The main focal point of this scenario will be in this part of the map. The Germans attacked with three divisions (100 Jager, 94th and 389th Infantry as well as 4 Pioneer Bns) over a 3km front and drove a spike into the Soviet defensive line. Essentially encircling the 112th RD and 124th Bde and eventually seizing the tractor factory. tw.png
    16. kipanderson

      Looks great as always... cannot have too much of all this Eastern Front stuff... :).

      Looking forward to more and more ;),

      All the best,

    17. CapHillRat
    18. Eric
      WoW. Looks fantastic. I'm glad there are people out there such as yourself for our hobby.
    19. CapHillRat
      Thanks Eric and Kip!

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