By Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor on Jun 16, 2015 at 10:45 PM
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    Hi all,

    Build 5.0.15 is on the way. LNL have to do their magic with the installers. Please be patient.

    Note once LNL have prepared them there should be three new installers. One for the Core and one for the Bastogne module and another for the Ride of the Valkyries module.


    * ScenSupplyTransportEvent now recalcs supply route if the recipient has moved further than 300m from his original location

    * Turned off BringIntoView() for selections on OB Display. This stops the map jerking around every time you select a unit in the force tree list.

    * added SAMs to Bastogne and Ride of the Valkyries modules and their corresponding scripts

    * renamed 2010 debug dlls for Dev build

    * removed EstabEditor from Debug configuration of project solution. This prevents the overwriting of the release version of the EstabEditor

    * ensured the Core installer now uses the correct 2010 vcredist rather than the 2012 version. his should fix the cases where it cannot find the mfc100.dll
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