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Compendium: God, honor, and our land – Poland!

Jay Townsend

Aug 19, 2013
Compendium: God, honor, and our land – Poland!

This was fun and quick eight turn scenario to play. Missing from the setup, you will need to add the 24PL formation Marker. For some reason the Compendium forgets to list the formation marks on many of the scenarios but very easy to figure out. I had to play the Monte Cassino scenario, not many of these in NaW.

It looks like the Polish have the advantage but the terrain and one improved marker help the Germans balance this out. The whole scenario is about three objectives/locations on the hill and who controls them at the end of the scenario. Special scenario rule says vehicles can’t enter hex K4, K5 & K6 but there is nothing in the rules about getting tanks adjacent to them. Both sides have tough infantry units and the fighting went down to the very last turn and assault on the K4 hexes, the Polish cleared the hex of German units on the last action of the game for the victory. A very good, well balanced scenario to come down to the last action of the game. A very close Polish victory.

The Chaos marker brought such events like the appearance of a German Stuka and a Leader/Hero for the Polish but they don’t not have a Leader counter in the mix and the Canadians and the Polish are the only nationalities without a leader counter.

In fact here is the current list of Leaders so far in the series.

A list of leaders/Commissars:

American: Lt Boden, Lt H.T. Smith

British: Lt Cole, CPT. J. Wilson

French: Lt Le Vasseur

Italian: Lt Curreri

German: Lt Schlaffer, Wittmann, Lt Blitz, MAJ. Druelinger, Lt Shockey, Lt Volker

Soviet: Commissar Winklekov, Comm Buccherovich, Comm Joystoi, Comm Belyy, Comm Sandiferkov, Leaders: CPT. Griffithovick, Lt Putnakov, Lt Olssonakov

With that mentioned, this was a scenario that I can highly recommend, fun, short and tense but well balanced. What more could you ask for. Now this series could use some Japanese in the mix, maybe one day!