Crack Crew in '42?

Discussion in 'A Wing and a Prayer - Bombing the Reich' started by LTC David Wiggins, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Nov 30, 2017
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    I'd be interested in hearing what everyone's thoughts are about replacing the "Crack" crew choice with a "Veteran" crew in the Short and Full campaigns? Thinking of the crew ratings as levels of training, it seems to me that "Veteran" would be about the highest level of training you could expect for an 8th AF crew in 1942 given that the US was newly in the war and the B-17 was a fairly new airplane. Thus, to start you'd have 3 "Veteran" crews and 9 "Green" ones and I'd consider those "Veteran" crews the guys that had been flying in the AAF before the war, while the "Green" crews would be the first batch of newly-trained crews fresh in from the US. That's my rationale, anyway.

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    My preference for a 1942 start would be 1 veteran and 11 greens.

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