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Discussion in 'Corps Command Series' started by Karazjo, Mar 28, 2017.

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    Hey all,
    I read on BGG a while ago some indication of a DEL expanion being on very early stages of development. It would focus on British and French forces fighting along the inter german border of 1985.
    Are there any news about this?
    Will it be remade into a "real world locations what-if scenario" like WaW85?
    I own Red Hammer and would love to see it grow and have it updated to reflect more accurate geography. I think it would involve reprinting the two maps included... and the manual?
    I also suggest that you guys take a look at the game manual and player aid. I would also include an Order of Battle of what´s included in the box so it is easier to pick forces for scenario set up.
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    The designer is still developing this game and we don't have any more information on the game yet.


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