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Jan 11, 2015
This may sound silly but it does anyone wish the objective circle would remain shown when trying to position your units at an objective?

When I was experimenting with the Beda Fomm scenario I was individually moving unit into position around the objective. I knew I had time to set them up and dig in before the masses of enemy came rolling down the road. One Italian unit would break my control of the objective and disappear in the night so I knew I had to surround the boundary of the objective to locate them and hit them with artillery to move them.

Since the units in that scenario are far from the objectives I had to go back and forth across the map, zoomed in because I wanted to be precise, alternately moving the unit where I want them and clicking on the objective to highlight the circle.

Does that make sense or is there a simpler way to do it?


Oct 22, 2014
It doesn't sound silly to me at all Ed. I have wished the same thing myself on many occasions.
If it’s quite easy to do I would love a toggle button to Display all Objectives.

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