Elsenborn Ridge - Decisive Victory

Discussion in 'CO2 - After Action Reports' started by Conrad, Dec 12, 2015.

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    Dec 8, 2014
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    I finally got my decisive victory playing the Germans on the Elsenborn Ridge scenario. I gave myself better reinforcements and supply. Main difference was following the tip from Daz in his previous AAR and utilized his tactic of bringing in all the heavy AT assets I can and digging them in the woods across the vast open tank killing fields East of the village Rocherath. The using this as an anvil to smash the US forces on and not try and take Rocherath at all.

    I found out that the reason I was not getting a decisive victory was the different objectives for the Allies versus the Axis. I didn't take the village of Elsenborn because it was not an objective for me and I was not going to throw away my troops lives (and give enemy additional points for destroying my troops) for no objective points. Turns out that I need to take the village to deny enough points to the US. Only way to find that out was by playing as the US and reviewing their specific side objectives carefully. Without doing this there is no way for the German player to get anything better than a marginal victory even when fulfilling almost 100% of their objectives.


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    Good job Conrad :)

    I've always liked that scenario, as its the one I cut my teeth on when I first started playing the Battle of the Bulge pack.
    Its quite a slog, but rewarding, as its not an easy scenario to win playing Axis without putting a lot of effort into it I found.
    Also as you mentioned the objectives are quite complex.
    I never noticed that before about the Elsenborn Objective.
    For me the most important thing was to make the Exit objectives in time, especially the Peiper one.

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