End Turn makers & formation activation

Warren Smith

Oct 31, 2015
New Jersey
I'm a little unclear on how rule 3.2.1 works exactly.

Let's take Eisenbach Gap scenario 1 for example. As per SSR, the Soviet 1st Tank automatically activates to start the game, without needing to draw it's formation chit. The next chit drawn is an End Turn chit followed by Team Yankee. The next chit drawn is the 2nd End Turn chit.

So, my understanding of the rule has been that since both 1st Tank and Team Yankee have activated during Turn 1, no End Turns chits are withheld from the formation draw. However, my opponent think differently saying that both Soviet and US withhold End Turn chits because each had a formation mark left in the draw at the end of the turn.

So, is an End Turn chit withheld if a formation does not get to activate for it's full effect, or am I correct that as long as it activates at least once, then no End Turns chits are withheld?

Truth be told, I think I like the idea that the markers get withheld if a side doesn't get all it's possible activations, but that's not have I've always thought the rule worked. Thanks for any help.


Staff member
Aug 3, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
You have it correct. If there were other different formations that didn't activate then you'd hold back an end turn chit.

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