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    I am wondering if you could please the enemies that will be in Space Infantry along with a brief description of them?

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    Cheers sir!

    Well, you've certainly picked a weighty subject. Currently, we have a grand total of 11 Unique Enemy Races to Face off against.
    Like the previous editions of Space Infantry, Each of these Races has between 3-5 unit types to fight against. I'll not be going into super specific detail o each enemy unit, but I can give a brief rundown of the Race itself and some of the tricks it has.

    Beast Masters:

    " A cult from the outer fringes of the Deep Range, these genetic extremists practice mutation, and modification to an almost insane degree. Calling themselves “beast masters” they’ve launched a series of terror attacks against the inner system with the goal of “evolving humanity” to their vision of our future. The fact that their “Warbeasts” are the forcefully evolved dissenters from their same cult means they’ve already gone too far."

    This Race has 3 Unit types and are extremely good in melee range due to their "Fury" special trait present in even the lowest of foot soldiers

    "Officially, we’re classifying these creatures as unidentified Extra-solar threats... Unofficially, I don’t think they’re even from our reality. They burst out of a person's body, can grow to truly massive sizes, and then fade, literally FADE, from existence when killed. They also exude a form of mind control on the surrounding populace, creating cults and fanatics wherever one of these things has “hatched”. Digging these things out is always bloody, and no one ever comes home the same."

    This Race also has 3 Unit types and have the ability to grapple their targets with prehensile tentacles in melee range.

    " An unholy machine race from outside our solar system, we know little about them save that they use our dead and dying as fuel for new and more deadly abominations. Worse, every one of these new horrors remains conscious, but unable to act. Their brains are used for their killing knowledge and battlefield experience, with their personality only along for the ride. The only mercy you can give them is a single shot, center mass."

    This race has 5 unit types, 2 of which can only be called in under certain circumstances. They Are extremely well armored, the largest of them requiring Anti-Vehicle weapons to hurt.

    Dark Faith:
    "Not everything is as cut and dried and science or politics make the world out to be. There is power in the shadows for those who would seek it, and madness for those who fail. But for those who succeed, they are granted dark powers from other realms. Deified by those who follow in their wake, these cultists can ascend to unknown heights, before the dark powers they worship gut them, mind and body, turning them into vessels for those gods on our plane. Seems that bullets still work though."

    This Race has 3 unit types and have the nasty habit of blowing themselves up rather than face defeat.

    Dark Roots:
    "Another infestation from beyond the Outer Reach, the Dark Roots travel via spores from planetoid to planetoid, able to survive in deep space and in atmosphere with ease. Once established, they spread into their own invasive ecosystem which re-purposes any living creatures into drones to spreads itself further. If left unchecked, they can turn whole planetoids into one organism, capable of moving through space as a massive infection vector, capable of self-defense and independent thought."

    This race has 3 unit types and spit acid at their targets when in melee range, causing much more damage than normal.

    The Elder Leviathan:
    You should read the latest Space Infantry: Resurgence Article for more on this guy. Suffice to say, its a gigantic beast that takes an entire mission to defeat.

    Flesh Eaters:
    "We don’t know when this parasitic organism first appeared in the United Systems, but they’re now classified Exigent Black by the SDC. Beginning as only extra-solar bipedal organisms, they soon were reclassified as a parasitic virus when our own troops, after being bitten or scratched, were compelled to migrate to populated centers where they burst apart into clouds of spores. Once inside a host, the spore converts the host’s tissue into a new FS, literally consuming them from the inside out."

    These guys are truly terrifying, not least because they spawn an entirely new race related to them, but specifically adapted to hunt and kill SI soldiers. The base strain though comes with 3 unit types and rely on swarm tactics to overpower their prey.

    Flesh Eaters: Xenotype:
    "As if the original strain of these parasites weren’t bad enough, something is causing these creatures to mutate horribly. A dark will is pushing the limits of what organic matter can achieve; Intangible matter, Gestalt bodies, and Tank-like carapaces to name a few. Each new creation shares a hive like intelligence that reacts to any intrusion. We have to stop this nightmare and find whatever is driving it before it evolves beyond our ability to hurt it!"

    A far more deadly strain of flesh eater, it has 6 different enemy types, one being a colossal monster like the elder leviathan, and each has a unique advantage in combat, be it a gestalt body that creates new members based on your squad's numbers, to a horrible stalking hunter that bullets pass right through. Treat this Enemy with EXTREME caution.

    Mercenary Forces:
    "This threat is entirely homegrown, better or worse. What started as a makeshift police force come militia out in the deep ranges, has become the largest para-military organization in the United System. We were grateful for the patrol support until they began getting notions of secession and independence. After a brutal and perhaps over-zealous punitive action from the SMC, they calmed down... we thought. Now they’re back, in force, and with a legitimate grudge. Time for more punitive action."

    While not as narratively distinct as others on this list, they are no less dangerous. Able to call in battledrones and are extremely well trained in Fire Range combat, they have 4 unit types to call upon during combat encounters.

    "There’s a lesson to be learned from facing this enemy: All things in moderation. At the dawn of the Gener Epoch, humanity embraced genetic alterations with reckless abandon. The Mutants are the result of those that took it too far. Eventually, they became an entirely new species and disappeared beyond the United System’s control. Now, they’re coming home, and they believe they are the future of us all. Whether we want it or not. Prove them wrong or we’ll all be swept aside for their new order."

    Perhaps my favorite of all the Enemy Races you can face, these guys and gals can field 3 types of units. However, while the units themselves lack any special traits, for the most part, each is able to take a Unique mutation that gives them different abilities during combat. From horns for a goring melee attack, to spitting acid, to FLYING. What's worse, the mutations are RANDOM each time you encounter them.

    Void Spiders:
    "What started as rumors from the out system patrols and trading ships has become a full-on nightmare. Pockets of space, even planetoids, have started slipping... Away. Somewhere outside our reality. When they come back, they are infested with these creatures. No discernible pattern, no goal beyond spreading, the Void Spiders can even summon more of themselves from seeming nowhere, just stepping out from behind one another."

    A nightmare from the pages of classic sci-fi, the Void Spiders only have one enemy type to face, but they multiply during combat. Whenever you encounter one of these things, you have to kill it quickly or 1 becomes to, becomes 4... you get the idea. They also have their own counter in the game to signify where they're spawning from.

    I hope that wets your appetite and answers SOME of your questions. Please reply with anymore and I'll do my best to answer them all without giving everything away.

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    Thank you for taking the time to the information.

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