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Enhanced Reviewing.


Oct 26, 2014
by pekische

I would like to ask about "Replay" feature. When I want to replay whole played battle, could I switch the "subject of view" - between only friendly view, only enemy view and view of both sides?

About that:

When thinking about a replay function, I always have to think back to a time when I really liked to watch competetive Supreme Commander or CoH matches. Something that always bothered me was that you could always just watch one player (minus the fog of war usually) and did not have any features that are specific to the replay. When watching soccer or football or whatever sport we, as the viewer, also get a few neat statistics and commentary that make is easier to follow what is happening.

How about a few displays or windows specific to the replay function? Let's say, two newslogs in both top corners, one for the axis, one for the allies. In each log we get msg's whenever this side e.g. gets reinforcments, seizes an Obj, disbands a unit etc. When no unit is selected, you could show a few comperative charts in the tab where we would usually issue orders (I don't know the term for that tab...) let's say about the numerical situation, a pie chart on how many tanks/guns/infantry the allies have compared to the axis, the casualties in average in an in-game hour, how many units are currently fixed and freely available ( e.g. how many units are currently engaged in combat) ....these kind of things. If you want to go really crazy, you could allow two players in a multiplayer session to view the same review, write another and put down markings on the field to guide the others attantion. That way after action reviews could be so much more fun and educational.

Well, but that is a luxory thing to have. I am not saying that this should take precedence over all the great features that ought to be implementet, but for the far future (of course after the WWIII- Edition :p) this might be something to ponder about.