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Facing boxes issue

john connor

Oct 22, 2014
Not sure whether this bundle of things is a graphics oddity or an engine problem. See the pic. This selected group, who are under attack from all sides, were given a Defend order (see the edit tab) with all-round defence selected, many hours ago (estimated to take effect many hours ago).
1. The task 'footprint' graphic shows a box facing generic north with an open bottom end, to represent an 'all round defence' option with auto facing originally ticked (but doesn't appear that way anymore, since I saved, came out, returned - the old problem, surely, of all facings being set due north after you open a save?).... But even if I had, say, set the facing north, with 'auto' not ticked and 'all round defence' selected, then we're still confused here. NOTHING shows positions consistent with an all round defence. The little facing markers within the icons show generic nth, as does the task footprint yellow graphic, BUT,
2. The units boxes are nearly all facing due SSW (again, not quite an 'all round defence'....)
3. The little facing markers in the extended icon info (present despite all my efforts to get rid of them in options....) show a variety of facings which are largely, but not completely, consistent with the footprints graphics (and not with the similar facing info given within the unit icon itself), and certainly not constituting an all round defence.

Untitled 13.png

The graphics confusion doesn't really matter (though needs fixing) but I wonder - is this group carrying out an all round defence? I have no way of knowing.

UPDATE: Some (game) hours ago I ticked the auto facing box. That has resulted (instantly) in a task graphic that is a full box. But nothing else has changed.

Untitled 14.png
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Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor

Panther Games Designer
Jul 31, 2014
Canberra, Australia
So let me get this right. You have here a number of issues:
  • The extended info boxes are still drawing despite the fact you have turned them off in the options window.
    • Can you check the options dialog again and see if its still off. Just trying to rule out whether the option sticks or has failed to save.
    • If you zoom out do the extra info boxes go away?
  • Unit facing not matching task facing
    • Do you recall if the force was already in position when you gave the All round defence or did it have to move there?
  • Unit facing not being saved or being reset on start of saved game