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    We have released the first Patch 1 for Falling Stars: War of Empires. You can find what we fixed or added below. Please note the Core Edition will be updated in the next day or so.

    Patch 1 Updates [Released]
    Thanks for all of the feedback so far! Here is what we are currently working on for the first patch. Some of the items might be in a separate patch, but these are the solutions that are on our plate.

    • Carrier usage enhancements. Allow player to automatically select how many, and which type. of carriable they want to carry into a system upon moving into a system. This will eliminate the need to manually load carriables, and will also allow the player more tight control over where their carriables are going
    • Automatic dialogue to Barter/Conquer upon moving ground units into a neutral system. This will be able to be exited out of and saved for later in case you want to salvage your diplomatic relations
    • Show how many units are loaded into your carriers in the main overview UI

    There are other enhancements that have been posted which are on our list, but I think in the beginning I want to keep patch times to 1 or 2 days so you can get quick feedback and responses from us. I will let everyone know when the patch is loaded

    Update - Patch Released
    Below are the fixes, and enhancements as part of patch 1

    • Connecting...Failed to connect retrying... message to login page for better responsiveness
    • Ability to unload ground forces on systems with no planet
    • Transport carriable options when moving fleet
    • Battle coordinates will now highlight on hover and the ships can now be grabbed for moving by clicking the squares
    • Option to skip camera flyby at the start of a game by pressing escape
    • Automatic but optional conquer/barter choice when transporting ground units into a system you can capture
    • Indicator numbers of onboard fighters / ground units in carriers
    • Dotted line on hexes of systems you've bartered with

    • A bug where carriers would slide down a bit when hovered over while trying to load carriables
    • Fighters being able to retreat from battle without the required tech
    • Camera flyby at the start of the new game now smoothly transitions back into overview
    • Slight jitter on camera flyby rotation
    • Tutorial panel obscuring the system info popup
    • Number fields next to sliders on move fleet screen they are now less glitchy
    • A bunch of potential graphical issues mostly related to changing resolution
    • A hexagon texture issue in multiplayer games)
    • Fog of war and hex edges more prominent
    • Ground units die at the end of each round if they're in a system with no planet and insufficient carrier capacity
    • Capturing a planet will now no longer leave one ground unit unloaded
    • Carriers will try to unload their carriables after traveling to better see how many units you have there
    • Barters have been rebalanced resulting in a triple buff in some cases.


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