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Final component list

Tony Costa

Mar 11, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
The component list on the back of the box will be incorrect, so just be aware of that when you guys receive the game.
The actual box contents are...

The game has three countersheets, 189 total counters, the counters are 1 inch square.

There are 57 total cards, they are 3.5inch x 2.5inch (88mm x 63mm) which I think is "poker size".

Player Aid cards:
1x 8.5in x 11in Squadron Briefing Card
1x 11in x 17in Formation Card
3x 8.5in x 11in Mission Turn/Air Combat Sequence Summary Cards, double sided
3x 11in x 17in Player Aid Cards, double sided

Map: 25.5in x 19.5in Mission Map

The map and all player aid cards are on sturdy 100lb cardstock with a durable low gloss finish, very impressive.

The counters are thick, 2mm, with a durable low gloss finish. They "punch" easily from the sheet with just a slight tap of the finger. No cutting, no nibs!.

The 40 page rule book has 38 pages of rules in a very large easy to read 12pt font. It's full color with many color illustrations, printed on high quality paper with the same durable low gloss finish as the other components.
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