Firing at unspotted units

Discussion in 'LnLT House Rules' started by The Plodder, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Here's a house rule I've devised that you could use on unspotted units. It came up in a conversation over at Grogheads. It's completely untested btw but might be worth a look..

    You could fire on an unspotted unit but would pay a penalty where you're only using half fire power as you're firing at the hex, not the unit. If the attacker wins, the defender makes a MC with the difference being the modifier.
    If they pass, the unit is still unspotted and they have the option of immediately opfiring on the attacker.
    If they fail the MC they're automatically spotted and if they fail by 1, they immediately opfire at the attacker, if they fail by 2-3, they're shaken, if they fail by 4 or more, they take a step loss. (Those numbers are all arbitrary btw, you'd have to test it to get the correct range).
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    Half FP is sort of arbitrary b/c it affects a high-FP stack more than a single 1- or 2-FP unit. Minus-2 or -3 to your total FP would be better as a fixed penalty.

    Of the Spotting Debate: Being Spotted means being exposed. A unit(s) in a Building that are marked Fired are in the act of firing and exposed via the doors and windows. If they are not spotted they are hidden behind the walls/furniture, etc., thus area-firing on them should be treated more as a long shot to do anything to them. Plus, just because you can see them on the map doesn't mean your units on the map can see them/know they are there. I can see a place for something akin to acquired markers for small-arms fire being useful as a house rule w/ a penalty for firing at a hex that is unspotted in a subsequent turn, but your units fired on them in the previous turn so they do know they are there.

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