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    Fire Team: Red Eclipse, is a new tactical system by Lock 'n Load Publishing design by Steve Overton and game graphics by Shayne Logan.

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Discussion in 'Kontact Now - Red Eclipse' started by David Heath, Oct 27, 2016.

    1. sdickes
      Would this system eventually support WW II era?

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    2. David Heath
      David Heath

      I know Steve has a lot of plans for the Series and he has already done a lot of design work for WW2 but we are going to stay focus on the Modern era for now and see how the game does before we make any other comments.

    3. Håkan Lundgren
      Håkan Lundgren
      I have to say; really nice counters, indeed!
      There are a couple of things that I'd do different, though.
      First, tone down or mute the counter colors. That way the the text/numbers as well as the vehicle/personnel would really pop!
      Second, make the vehicle a little more opaque on the cards, then make the armour numbers a little thicker. It would be easier to pair up the card and counter if the vehicle wasn't so see-through.
      Third, I'd go with the yellow style vehicle counters but I'd mute the saturation of the yellow a tad, it kind of clashes with the rest of the counter GFX.

      Those are my first impressions, take'em or leave'em. Any which way, it's GREAT to finally see some art done and generally I think those are by far the cleanest, clearest and best looking counters in a wargame, so far. Good job, Shayne!
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Well, keep the comments flying and we are listening.

    5. Mark Brownell
      Mark Brownell
      How far down the road is this game?
    6. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Mark,

      We do not have a date yet, and it depends on when all the artwork is done and the development.

    7. berto
      any relationship with fire team from west end game(1987),I saw the data of the counters is quite different.
    8. Cantatta
      The graphics preview is very cool, hopefully a rules preview won't be far behind. Really looking forward to seeing this game on the table. I'm a big military history buff, including this time period and all the various what-if scenarios surrounding the possibility of a military clash between opposing super powers of the era.
    9. Steve Overton
      Steve Overton
      Yes and no. Yes, this game traces it's roots back to the West End Games version. No, in that most of the game mechanics have changed over the decades. It's a much refined system but has the basis the core of the older game. The Random Chit Draw dependant on the leaders status on the game board is still the basis for this new version.

      Good Hunting.

    10. Steve Overton
      Steve Overton
      The rules are dependent on the graphics for the examples shown in them.

      So, when the graphics are finished then I can input those into the rules examples quickly.

      Good Hunting.


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