By David Heath on Aug 26, 2016 at 1:24 PM
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    Hey is the first look at Nations At War: White Star Rising Digital screenshot. The Digital edtion is based on our board game edition. White Star Rising depicts platoon level combat in World War II. In NAW you'll find everything you're looking for in a platoon level game: armor, artillery, infantry serving as more than cannon fodder, command and control, air support, and desperate close assaults that leave the victor in possession of the ground and the defeated in headlong retreat. All included in an easy to learn and challenging to master game system. White Star Rising, which focuses on the fighting between the Americans, their British allies, and Germans, includes three counter sheets complete with vehicles, soldiers and weapons of the armies that fought in France, Belgium and Germany in 1944-45. You'll fight battles at Omaha Beach, in the Lorraine, on the outskirts of Belgium, and in Germany itself.

    We will have more soon.

    Nations At War - White Star Rising Screenshot2b.jpg Nations At War - White Star Rising Digital Screenshot1.jpg
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Discussion in 'Nations At War Series' started by David Heath, Aug 26, 2016.

    1. Punisher
      Hey David,

      This looks amazing! Have been waiting for another Digital game with some meat to it since "HOS". Do you have many people working on this? I know you dont like to give time re-lease dates so how about ready in 2106 or 2017?
    2. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      It will be ready this year, and I'll be keeping everyone updated in the Nations at Ware digital game forum!
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    3. Punisher
      Hey Philip this is good news for 2016! I will watch for your updates in Digital Forum.
    4. rastamann
      Wow! I love it!!!
    5. Punisher
      Hey David , Any Chance that Any one of LNL "Digital" games make it to us before Christmas 2016?
    6. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      Hey Punisher, I don't think the forum has been activated yet for NAW for me to post there, but we are already very far into development for nations at war. Expect a video soon :)
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    7. Punisher
      Hey Thank you Philip! I have been watching closely on this Digital Title. Will it have a full AI were you can play Solo against the PC?
    8. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      Yes, at release it will have fully AI controlled opponents, online multiplayer, scenario rule enforcement (so if a scenario outlines that certain forces can only be placed in woods, etc, it will show you where your counters should go), and lots of other conveniences that should make the game quick to jump right into and play.
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    9. Punisher
      This sounds like it will be really fun to play and easy to set up. I Anxiously wait for the Video to come out, Thank you!
    10. Punisher
      Hi Philip, You still think this game will be out by end of year? Thanks
    11. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      Hey Punisher, it's definitely looking like it! Right now all of the main systems are already in place: Movement, attacking, line of site, terrain modifies, chaos, fate, AI, and even basic multiplayer. Now we're just fleshing out all of the content (scenarios, chits) and testing testing testing!
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    12. Punisher
      Hey Philip This is good news for us PC guys waiting for a Great game to play over the Holidays!!
    13. Punisher
      Hey Philip- Is this the same game engine that Tank On Tank uses? I saw the video on your Facebook LNL site and looks familiar.
    14. David Heath
      David Heath
      No it is a completely different design.
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    15. Punisher
      How is the testing going. Will there be a new recent video game play coming or will you just release the game soon?
    16. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      I'm not sure what the status on the video is since Davids team takes care of it, but right now we're making sure all of the details are covered. As you know there are lots of things to keep track of, and lots of different interesting side effects and we don't want to miss them. We are finishing up all HQ related functions, then moving on to recon, then finishing up the fate and chaos chits. All units are now in the game (I think there are ~168) and things are coming along. The goal is still to get the game finished this month.
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    17. Trent Garner
      Trent Garner
      Best of luck, this looks like a great game! Looking forward to playing this one after release.
    18. Punisher
      Here is the game video in case anyone missed it
    19. Philip Devine
      Philip Devine
      Didn't realize that got posted! Well yeah as the description states, there's more that has been done since that video but you can pretty much get the general idea :) so any comments are welcome!

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