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    Hello everybody. I'm sure everyone wants to get free gift cards.

    But the question is how?

    I searched for a long time on the Internet :). So please evaluate what I will tell you now.

    There are not many sites or applications that give out free gift cards. And the ones I found were difficult and incomprehensible to use. I almost stopped searching. But my attention was drawn to one site , where you get coins when you add game deals. These coins can be exchanged for gift cards Steam.

    The course is as follows:

    200 coins - Steam Gift card 5 euros

    400 coins - Steam Gift card 10 euros

    800 coins - Steam Gift card 20 euros

    2000 coins - Steam Gift card 50 euros

    You also get coins for likes of other offers.

    But the main plus - is if someone like your deal you will get 1 coin. I don't think it's hard to make 200 likes, the main thing is that the offer was interesting. You can even ask your friends for this.

    Thanks all for replys :)
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    Someone should remove this and block the poster, I guess?
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