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Oct 26, 2014
Another thing that came to my mind playing the game, sorry that I am cluttering this thread with my maybe unrealizable suggestions.

How about "sequential tasking'? in a way that allows us to change SOP for every waypoint? That way we could properly simulate a move to the LD (Quickest route) and the following assault (covered). It would be even better if an Attack order can be followed by an reorg order (with a time limit, e.g. 20 minutes) and then a new attack order, or a set of move orders followed by a second attack. together with the trigger system that was mentioned in the CO2 thread over by Matrix, crazy things could happen. We could set intermediate Obj, could order units how to behave after the have reached their LOA (since we can give a defend order with all the SOPs ready right after the attack order), etc.

Another thing that might be simpler to code: How about reducing the unit/force delay for units that rested or had just a last move order? Something that abstracts preplanned orders for the reserve. BTW: Does the AI adher to the 1/3rd rule? I have never seen a regiment actualyl form a reserve and using it. I always see weird ATG Plt in reserve, but never a substantial strike force that actually conducts counter attacks or moves into a blocking position. A check box in the orders tab 'donot form reserves' would then be something nice, so to throw everything to tell the AI to put all eggs in one basket.

desirable is also a documentation that is a little more transparent. I was an observer in the forums for a very long time, but questions like you see now here, "can i change facing of single units?", "What does ambush actually mean?", etc are recurring and nothing new. Sometimes it is up to the player to go into the lab and find out how units behave with certain presets. It would be great if the manual could be a little more precise about the nuances.

Don't get me wrong, the CO manual with all the appendices is already among the best.


Oct 22, 2014
Vancouver BC, Canada
Great suggestions guys. I'm sure we'll get to them all eventually. Right now the focus is very much on the GUI. I am knee deep at the moment in trying to get the OB display to support multiple selections. Hopefully I'll crack this by the end of the day and I can put up some screenshots. In the meantime keep those suggestions coming. :)


I've a suggestion regarding simulating the differences/difficulties in coordinating etc. multi-national units or multinational sub-formations within a single superior formation. For example a German Regimental HQ with 2 German and 1 Italian battalions attached. Obviously non-organic units will increase the staff loads and probably the orders delay for the Regiment at the formation level. And presumably an attack ordered at the Reg. level might be delayed because the AXIS allied unit took longer to process the order than the 2 organic German units or something like that.... I also imagine that one country's artillery might be slower to respond to another country's unit request for support etc.
As it play's now Anglo-American units can cheerfully cross attach (as long as you are ok with nonorganic staff load penalties) and support each other as if they were the same force. In reality they weren't, even though they achieved remarkable levels of cooperation and coordination. On the eastern front this was seldom the case. Italian, Hungarian, and Romanian units/formations seldom even came close to those levels of multinational cooperation. A Hungarian (for example) arty unit was much less likely to respond to an Italian inf. coy.'s request for support than another unit of it's own nationality. Yet in CO1 there will be those perfect levels of support etc. from units and formations from different countries. So perhaps we could have some form of limiting cooperation/coordination between units/formations of different nationalities? At least in terms of the Germans and their allies? Might help with the doctrine feature if the game supported "nationalities". You could have pick lists of orders and task options that are unique to each nation and how implemented by that nation.

You get the idea........ perhaps not really doctrine but something else to quantify. Yes, no, maybe???


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