Helicopter Clarifications for Storming the Gap and Expansions

Keith Tracton

Staff member
Jan 23, 2016
Just repeating this here in case someone needs it, but any and all clarifications will make it into our Clarification document. Thanks! - Keith

Keith, thank you sir!

Further inquiry:
East German Hind D does not benefit from superior fire and move, but is the same cost points wise as the Czech Hind-D. 93 pts. East German Hinds supposed to have this capability as well? To be fair the East German Hind D counter, card, and play aid state they do not.

What is the benefit of superior fire and move on Helos? The rules and play aids state that helos no matter their attack color backgrounds can only move either 12 or less and fire or over 12 and not. EG they do not currently receive a bonus or penalty for having it/not having it.

Rapid Fire HE to attack heavily armored targets:
Base game module does not allow Soviet Hind-E's this luxury, but they in turn receive it in Frankfurt and Czech D's receive it on Second Wave. Should Soviet Hind-E's in the base game be able to do so given their points and firepowers are exactly the same? (And perhaps by extension East German D's as well if playing with the points scenario generator) Or does this reflect a purposeful change in their load outs between time lines/fronts? :)

For the HInd-D question above (para 1): Both the East German and Czech HIND-Ds should have Enhanced Move and FIre on their respective National Unit tables. I will get that into the clarifications ASAP.

For the Enhanced Move & Fire question above (para 2)- The benefit is they can move 12 hexes and not suffer any direct fire penalty. :) To be clear, ALL Flying helicopters with an AP or HE value on the Flying side have enhanced move and fire, it is an inherent function of being in Flying Mode. You may move 12 hexes and still fire the weapons available to you when Flying (see the Note at the very end of Core Rules page 47, 9.7.1, Flying). As a convenient reminder, it is on the Move & Fire Summary Fire Chart (PAC05, page 3 of 3), which I thought would be helpful. I will add clarifications as needed to the National Unit tables.

My apologies for any confusion that may arise as the color of the Flying HE value on the Attack helicopters was changed to orange because we thought we were going to need that, and the orange was not changed back to black when we reversed course and tried to go with black for all Flying Helicopters. Counter changes are major and we did not want to hold things up! The orange HE color on those units is an artifact and has no effect on the game, but that is why the Move & Fire table for Helicopters says AP or HE value of any color, which would be Black or Orange. Apologies for over-engineering that!

High ROF HE: Both Soviet HIND-Es, US AH-1 Cobras, and East German HIND-Ds were inadvertently omitted from the list of High ROF units in the base game's Module Rules. I will get that into the clarifications ASAP.

Note: When designing your own scenarios, you can always play with ammo load-outs for Pact Helos. Simply reduce the points value of any unit foregoing the HIGH ROF HE by 10%, to reflect not taking 23mm gun pods on their mission. :)

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