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Heroes Against the Red Star - Downtime - small AAR with opinions needed!


Nov 12, 2016
Hi, so...i'm back from a real life scenario of HATRS called Downtime, very interesting...moving pieces in real life can't ever be beaten by vassal, the emotions of touching, everything.

BTW, not beign very expert in this module, i tried my best and kinda worked.

From turn one things were becoming very hot, i got a casualty after the T62 AM and hit the guys into the building.

Turn two-three, things were almost stalled aside the tank that killed another full squad helped by the fire of a soviet squad with the rpk tripoded in a building.

Turn four, the Americans tried to rush into the middle of the town, just to get stopped by fires from the buildings in the center, Sgt. York was stuck with a squad in the streets.

The hero tried to rush in direction of the tank but got wounded in those bloody streets.

Turn five, the hero got killed in melee, the tank scored another kill, the soviets eliminated Cpt. Boone and his squad, thus collapsing completely the American south-west flank and the soviets got a Marginal victory.

Now...tanks without the fear of other tanks on the overwatch are absolute beasts if well supported by a screen of infantry, because they become untouchable.

That T-62 remained opened the entire match and scored 3-4 kills. And we're talking about a 5 morale tank.

What a match, what do you think? How could the US have turned the tides?

It was close : US 7 points - Soviets 8 points.

Opinions are welcome!

Immages of war:

The tactical situation at game end...

The Hero of the Soviet Union ( really deserved )...

The men who didn't make it...
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