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    Here is a little look of the review on Hollow Cell,

    Hollow Cell is a battle card game that first-person shooter fans will feel right at home with. It’s to play and captures the wild spirit of a free-for-all arena battle fairly well. The game’s backstory is a planet-wide arena named Hollow Cell that is used as a method of keeping the peace between cultures in the Hedonix Empire. It is here that differences are settled, in a sort of proxy war by a few, so that the many may live in harmony.

    The game supports 2-6 players and has multiple variants to support each one. On average, games run about 30-45 minutes but can stretch out a bit longer with a full table. To win the game, be the first to make three kills. Alternatively, if one player loses all three of their warriors, then the player with the highest kill tally wins.

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