HotN Stay Behind AAR

Mark Drake

Aug 27, 2013
Posted this on BGG too:


The LRRP team has a Claymore out which is tripped by beaucoup VC (Lt.Diem and two squads) and all of them are Shaken. The LRRP's open up at point blank range and reduce both squads to Shaken 1/2 squads. Turn 2 the LRRP team decides it is time to di di as another local VC squad with a B40 moves into the area and they head for the LZ. Turn 3 sees the gunship come in and avoid a B40 round to Shake the VC reinforcing squad,but one more local VC squad with an RPD is coming in. The LRRP have made it to the LZ on the hill and await their ride,which they catch on Turn 4 after keeping Initiative again.

Since is is very quick scenario set it up and played it again,with almost same result! Only difference was Diem self-rallied but could not motivate his men to do the same;too bad as it may have saved them from being massacred by the roving gunship (Diem managed to crawl away into the bush with a Wounded counter on his back.) LRRP team gets extracted off the hill again for the win.

An excellent,fun,quick-playing tactical level Vietnam game IMHO.

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