House Rules


Apr 12, 2020
What are your favorite house rules for WaW85?

Here are my current favorites:
  • Stacking limit is two vehicles, two troops, and one helicopter per flight mode. Landed helicopters are vehicles.
  • Regular AA fire may only be conducted by blue AP firepower values. Other units may use black or orange HE effective range with a single firepower die (except units with the 'high rate of fire' ability, which roll two dice if the target is within point blank range), with a to-hit of 6 (no point blank bonus, no long range fire). Up to two additional eligible units may add one die each. Mortars and artillery units may not conduct AA fire.
  • Hill edge line hexes are level 2 terrain. Every hex inside the line of hill edge hexes is level 3 terrain. (This reduces the 'wedding cake' effect.)
  • Heavy mortars (100mm and above) create two hexes of smoke.
  • Opportunity fire at passengers unloading from a transport has a -1 to hit bonus.
  • When defending against HE indirect fire, heavy armored units use a save value of 4, troops and light armored units use a save value of 5, and soft vehicles use a save value of 6. Armored units use one armor die, soft units have no armor dice. Vehicles are restricted to two bonus terrain dice, while troops are not limited in the number of bonus armor dice for terrain. Concealment does not grant a bonus defense die to vehicles, but does for troops. Exceptions: DPICM strikes increase the heavy armor save to 5. Light mortar (under 100mm) strikes allow heavy armor units to use their full number of armor dice, while heavy mortar strikes reduce their number of armor dice to two.
Why yes, I am a Grognard who enjoys making up house rules. After all, it's my game, I paid for it. ;)

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