Hull-down rule for turreted armored vehicles (idea)

Discussion in 'LnLT House Rules' started by Broadsword56, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Do any of the LnL Tactical games have module- or scenario-specific rules to simulate armored vehicles being in a "hull-down" defensive position? (I don't see anything in my core or module rules).

    I ask because it would seem a fairly simple matter to add this without complicating the game:

    Just designate certain hexes of a map as places where hull-down opportunities exist. In those areas, a player can just place a turret counter on the map instead of the whole vehicle+turret to represent a turreted vehicle in a hull-down position. Effect on combat: As long as the vehicle doesn't move, it uses only its turret armor rating against hits by ordnance shots. The vehicle may use only its turret-mounted weapons as long as it remains hull-down. Close assault attacks on it are resolved normally and the vehicle is not considered hull-down in relation to those attacks.

    Note: I know that in real life, a vehicle that's hull-down in relation to one hex in LOS might not be hull-down in relation to other hexes in its LOS. But this might be a way to represent hull-down without getting too wonky about it. The reason to designate certain hexes as potential hull-down locations is because it would work on the existing LnL maps -- which aren't necessarily detailed enough in they way the depict elevation to represent AFV-sized folds and undulations in otherwise clear terrain.

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    There are some rules for Emplaced terrain in Heroes Against the Red Star. It's effect "Negates Hull hits."
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    We need a rules we-write that includes all pertinent everyday rules. Sure, there's plenty of chrome to leave in module-specific rules but give us a rule set that has all the games from all time periods from all versions and simplify it down to one. I could have had this done in 1 week full-time (or less) forever, done. And I am a nobody, but I been reading rules since I am nine years old, seen good (my favorite is old AH legalize, stopped arguments dead!)The LnL rules set leaves much to be desired,not only in proof reading but having to dig for an obscure rule that you saw once in version 2 of this game but was gone by version 3, no explanation. And heaven forbid you ask why, then your a rabble rouser, a hater of the system, blah blah blah. We pay you to make great games error free. We pay a pretty decent price for some cardboard, how about not making us pay it at least twice? I know the reason is where combining a lot of Walker's old stuff, cleaning it up. It's been two years since David's been at the helm, Why don't we have a error-free ruleset, I mean the game been around for over a decade,. Oh well you'll never see me quit.

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