Kickstarter Model Moving Forward?

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    Was wondering if there is any information about Lnl's broad use of the Kickstarter model going forward. I've already pledged for Storming the Gap and the Stretch Goals are adding a lot of exciting extras to the box. Is LnL planning to largely switch to a Kickstarter method for new products going forward, or will this model be confined mostly to the WaW series? Am curious as to whether we'll see the upcoming Nations at War modules or any future LnL Tactical modules going through the Kickstarter process (I heard some Facebook rumblings that Heroes of Grenada would be going through Kickstarter but thought that might be hearsay), or whether they'll be published using a more traditional model? Again, am personally very excited about the Kickstarter model, especially if it helps the company expedite the printing process and players get some great bonus content along the way!
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    Hi Stan,

    I not going to commit to using Kickstarter short term or long term at this time. I place some pretty strong rules on how we can use this on the staff. WaW85 the team has done an excellent job.


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