LBA and adjacency when resolving card text

Alan Eshelman

Jul 21, 2020
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
LBA cannot normally attack; they are defensive, or they are providing an Air Superiority Zone.

So what does "adjacent" mean to an LBA when a card says something like: "Select an OZ; all LBA there may perform an Airstrike against an adjacent OZ"?

For Naval Units, an "adjacent OZ" is any OZ that is connected to the OZ in question via a Sea Route. So an adjacent OZ may be 1 movement point away, or 2 movement points away if there is a Nav Point dot on the Sea Route. Easy enough.

For LBA it is never really defined, because presumably you cannot normally attack with LBA. However, there are those pesky cards with their text as mentioned prior. If you take the definition of Adjacent at face value, then LBA should be able to use a card to attack across a Sea Route that has a Nav point on it, HOWEVER:

Section 12.1 states:

"An Air Superiority Zone may NOT extend over a Sea Route that has a Nav Point (8.10); the distance is simply too great to effectively project air power into the neighboring (but distant) OZ."

I recognize that the Air Support Zones rules section is not exactly referring to attack or movement range, so that brings the question, does this no-nav-point limitation also apply to LBA range when attacking via the instructions on a resource card?

Looking at the map, I'm inclined to say LBA attacks on "adjacent" OZs can NOT happen across Sea Routes with a Nav Point. If they could, then LBA in Japan could hit Midway, which is rather ridiculous.

Agree/Disagree? Any other thoughts on this?

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