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    We have been working to update and expand our Print and Play (PnP) game line. We are calling this our Unknown Heroes Line. All of our PnP will be available as a download. We will be offering a new service called Print On Demand (PoD). Our PoD service will allow you to have us to print the game for you and mail it directly to you. The PoD option is not yet available but will be very soon and we will have more on this in the near future. We have also made the download edition to work with both North America and European printer standards. We also included a full-color print edition as well as a low ink edition.

    Lee at Gettysburg: July 1st, 1863 is the third edition of Lee at Gettysburg and simulates the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. In this third edition, we have designed a new map, counters and enhanced player aid cards. Included are three scenarios and a fourth solitaire scenario. Lee at Gettysburg is considered an introductory wargame with rules for morale checks, retreating, facing, and Melee combat.

    If you have already purchased Lee At Gettysburg from us, you will be able to download the new edition for free by going to your order history and then selecting your downloads. You can purchase you copy here.

    Note: This game is now part of our new Battles On Demand line. The game is available as a downloadable Print and Play edition and a Print On Demand edition. You can find out more here.

    Lee Store Graphics Cover.jpg Lee Store Graphics Counters.jpg Lee Store Graphics Map.jpg Lee Store Graphics Player Aids.jpg Lee Store Gettysburg Counter2.jpg Lee at Gettysburg Scenario1.jpg Lee at Gettysburg Map Sample1.jpg Lee at Gettysburg Manual2.jpg
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