LNL Crete and/or Poland?


Aug 18, 2013
Richmond, VA
Is anyone working on a Unternehmen Merkur / Operation Mercury / Crete themed module/expansion for LNL? If so, I'd love to help if possible. I've been working on and off for my own purposes, but would gladly be part of a larger effort.

I like the direction Heat of Battle (in their ASL module) took by centering on the events at Maleme - I think that's the crux of the entire campaign. Hold the airfield and the German foothold is precarious. I'm thinking a series of scenarios in that region linked in a campaign to replicate the glider and parachute drops, attacks, and counter attacks, and defense of the airfield and Hill 107.

As for units, we have glider (Swift and Bold) and parachute (In Defeat Defiance) rules already (although there is some opportunity to better reflect the unarmed paratroopers vs fully armed glider troops. We have Commonwealth troops/WT/SW, German Fallshirmjager, Stuka air support, and most of the OOB for an infantry heavy module. New counters needed would include DFS-230 gliders and any additional OOB depth. If not a dedicated map, boards would probably come from North Africa along with sangars and some overlays (Tavronitis Bridge, airfield, Hill 107).

Same goes for Fall Weiss / invasion of Poland 1939. We already have a lot of early German troops and equipment. Add the Poles and an armored train (!) for some great LNL scenarios. Could even sneak the Russians into a scenario or two. The Poles did have some successes in the early days of the invasion so it's not entirely a German cake walk.

Westerplatte also seems like another natural for a campaign setting. This time we have a battleship, lots of back and forth over a small plot of land.

Any takers?


Dec 3, 2017
Galloway OH
I'm very much down for either of those scenarios of course. I'd love any further modules cut from the same vein as the ones we have. The Winter War, Poland, Norway, Balkans/Greece/Malta, Italy/Sicily, Operation Dragoon, Late War East Front and many more possibilities. Over in the Pacific, you could have the Burma campaigns, Nationalist Chinese Troops, the Philippines and a dozen other island hopping missions.

Heck, I would even be happy if they released "Expansion Packs" that maybe didn't include more maps but rather just focused on scenarios and new units from minor countries like Finland, Poland, Hungary, Free French Forces etc.

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