By David Heath on Jul 11, 2017 at 1:53 AM
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    Hello Everyone

    It's a been a long time coming and we are not done yet but we have finally sighted our convoy. Our printer was late and then broke our order up onto three different boats. Our first boat will hit the port Tuesday or Wednesday with the second boat reaching port about July 16 or 17. We do not have a date yet on the third boat. It will take a few days for the containers to be unloaded and to pass through customs.

    I will let everyone know what is on the first boat once I get confirmation, we thank you for sticking with us it really means a lot to all of us here at LnLP.



Discussion in 'News and Events' started by David Heath, Jul 11, 2017.

    1. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Promising news...

      David did you see my conversation regarding maps?

    2. Alfred M. Bisasky
      Alfred M. Bisasky
      What ships? Where?

      Oh, yeah , now I remember! Something about LnLT games that are coming.

      Stay frosty, David
    3. ChuckB
      Thanks for the update. Sounds like it'll still take some time before we'll get the games but (since I'm trying to be a "glass half-full" guy here), it gives me more time to make room on the (already overly crammed) shelves for the 3 1/2 big LnL boxes I'm waiting for ...
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    4. Alfred M. Bisasky
      Alfred M. Bisasky
      Is that Tuesday or Wednesday this year? Just funnin' you If you can't laugh about something, it ain't worth the effort.
    5. Caesar
      We understand it's not your fault. Besides, where else are we going to buy these particular products?
      Just glad to know that the U-boat reports were just rumors and the fleet is arriving. We know it isn't LnL's fault.
    6. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hello Gamers,

      LnLP Convoy Update #3.

      Games in the first Container are below and will be here in a few days.

      Heroes of Normandy, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes of Falklands, Heroes of Motherland,
      Heroes of Defiance and Heroes of North Africa

      Games in the Second Container are below and will be in a few days.

      Day of Heroes, Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes of the Pacific, Desert Heat 2nd Edition, Stalin's Triumph, Tank on Tank West, Tank on Tank East, Hollow cell and A Wing and A Prayer.

      We have more for you when the trucks get here in a few.

    7. Cottonbaler
      David, what are your plans for the order of shipping the games? A number of us have been waiting on HoNA literally for years and it would be greatly appreciated if that game could be at the head of the queue.
    8. Alfy
      Ouch, I did not think of the queue order! I "reorganized" some of my preorders not that long ago, cancelling two to make it into one, so I guess I'm at the back now.

      Just a kindly reminder: please make sure you give us the chance to add stuff to the preorders before shipping, like x-maps. Cheers! (And good luck with what I assume is going to be a hectic, crazy time!)
    9. JLPreiser
      I anxiously await word that Heroes of the Pacific is ready to ship.
      The Longshormen's contract isn't set to expire is it?
    10. Falkon00

      I wholeheartedly second this post!!
    11. David Gray
      David Gray
      Generally preorder systems don't allow for additional items to be added. If LnL deigns to do this it would be very gracious and unusual.
    12. Alfy
      I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing.

      I merely meant that went the time comes to pay for our preorders, to make sure we then have the chance to add other items to our orders, so all can get shipped together. Currently, if one tries to add preorder and available items in the cart, available items are shipped right away and you pay shipping twice. As a result, I haven't put in any order for the x-maps, among other things.

      This was discussed previously and David said that was the idea, and I'm not sure how it's gracious or unusual, so perhaps a misunderstanding here?
    13. Tom Manning
      Tom Manning
      If I were to assume that everything ordered will be sent out in total pending arrival of orders that might be staggered on other ships,would I be correct? Or will you ship independently?
    14. Falkon00
      It is what I meant! At a rate of $18.70 per individual game shipped, I would need to have preorders shipped together or I will have to cancel and reorder everything together after it all comes in. Not to mention it would be cool to throw LnL some extra business and order already in stock items like maps or scenarios generators and catch a break on shipping... with all these games coming in at the same time, people are going to be throwing monster orders together... it only makes sense to do it right and combine shipping where applicable.
    15. David Heath
      David Heath
      Our plans are to start shipping the games as soon as we can get them off the truck. We will post here when they start to ship.
    16. Caesar
      Hoping White Star Rising is in the third shipment. Any word on that?
    17. Cottonbaler
      Thanks David!
    18. David Heath
      David Heath
      LnLP Convoy Update #4

      First Container is trucking its way to the Warehouse and Container two SHOULD (no promises) be here on Monday. The Third Container is still scheduled to hit port on July 29.

      The Third container has, LnLT Solo, LnLT Noville Second Edition with updated counters, Dark July 43, with updated counters, White Star Rising 2nd Edition, Falling Stars Beginners Game, Falling Stars Map Pack 1, Tank On Tank West and East Front expansions and our new LnLT Starter Kit.

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    19. David Heath
      David Heath
      The pre-order system will not allow you to add to the pre-orders but you can order additional items.


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