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    UK-EU Update: The UK-EU container has docked in Liverpool, England and once the container passes through customs it will be trucked to Second Chance Games. All UK-EU orders will be fulfilled through Second Chance Games.

    We expect the games to start shipping between the second and third week of February depending on how long UK customs takes. Second Chance Games is an excellent place for those in Europe looking for LnLP Products and other wargames. You can check out our games and many other wargame publishers at - http://bit.ly/SCG-LnLP

    We know everyone is excited but please refrain from calling Second Chance Games for updates. We both will be posting updates as soon as we have something new.

    The US-Canada Update: Games have been shipping out and customers have been receiving there games. So please keep on the lookup for shipping notice and your tracking number. Remember to please check your spam folder.

    AU-NZ & Asia Update: The latest is the games are being packed and we should see shipment soon. The Asian orders will not ship until after the Chinese New Year.

    Questions and/or Issues: We are still shipping backers' orders so please give it a little more time, but if you have a question or an issue please open a Support Ticket at http://support.lnlpublishing.

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