By David Heath on May 25, 2016 at 11:40 AM
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    I wanted to take this time and update you all on our new Pre-order and Loyalty systems. Some of you will notice that we are not taking any pre-orders at this time, and older pre-orders are not showing up in your customer order history on the store. In fact, you will see no pre-orders available at all. A new Pre-order system is being installed that will change everything on how going forward Pre-orders and Backorders are handled.

    Pre-Order Done Right

    We will have a new pre-order store module available in about three weeks that will correct this and offer new features at NO Risk or Outlay of money from our customers. Our new pre-order system you will allow you to place pre-orders with no need for a credit card or payment upfront. You will be able to place pre-orders with any other type of orders including In Stock and or Backordered items, even at the same time. Our new Loyalty system (Which is in place now) will also allow you to automatically receive discounts on all purchases including pre-orders. When the pre-order is ready for shipment, you will be sent an email with a link to click on and pay for your pre-order. You will have seven to ten days to pay and confirm your order, and if during the interval you decide not purchase your placed pre-order then you will need to do nothing. The order will be canceled, and you may order the game at any time at the currently available price. Your Loyalty discount will always be applied to any orders you place. The pre-order will show up in your order history allowing you to review or cancel it at any time.

    Loyalty has its Privileges

    For those of you that have been using our store for a while know about our reward point system, The old reward system was good for building up points and allowing customers to receive discounts on products but was limited. You had to know how many award points you needed for a game, limited to what products you could use them on and you needed to remember to use them at checkout, etc. Our new Loyalty system is simple and does all the work for you. Our new Loyalty system keeps tracks of your purchases history and applies you with a discount at checkout; that is applied to all of your purchases and all products EVEN PRE-ORDERS. This discount is visible right at checkout, and you never need to do anything. As you buy more games over time, your discount will increase over time giving you an even a larger discounts. Your discount is made based on your purchase over time and NOT the amount in currently in your cart. If you had any reward points available, we converted them over into our Loyalty system, so they are not lost and are working for you NOW not after you receive some additional reward points.

    Oh... I almost forgot to tell everyone, when we set up the new Loyalty system we also included everyone past purchases (If they were available in our system) so many of you have some pretty nice discounts already available.

    Let us know what you think,



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    1. SpookyAlfred
      I had 3 games pre-order and decided to cancel two of them a while back. The two cancel pre-orders are now showing up on my order history page as pending, will I be charged for those?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath

      Open up support ticket and please give me your order numbers and account name and email and I will look into that ASAP.

    3. Whiterook
      I think this is awesome news....I saw it on thee Facebook page a bit ago and was very excited to see LNLP offer such great service. The Pre-order system makes great sense and I think it offers the greatest latitude to the prospective customer; and I also am very glad to see a Loyalty system, which truly rewards loyal purchasers and LNLP fans.

      I also believe that this is an ambitious undertaking, and members/fans/customers should keep in mind that it may likely take time for your accounts to shake out....

      I know I've purchased a huge amount of LNLP products, across several of the LNLP series, and I'd be shocked to see all my past purchases represented. I say this because, I remember what the site looked like, and the changes it went through; most notably (I believe) the last major change that affected out accounts and pretty much all my past purchase history was wiped out. At the time, I was a tad miffed, LOL. But the changes in the site over time has improved it greatly, and I appreciate the efforts put forth by David and company.

      Great work on this!
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Whiterook and All,

      The Pre-order system should be available very shortly and should get everyone pre-orders up to date and keep it that way as we move forward. If for any reason you have a problem just open a support ticket, and we will get it fixed.

      Our idea behind the new Pre-order system is to make it easy for gamers to pick out a game and not need to worry about payment until we are ready. The old idea behind a P500 system was to have money available to print a game when the publisher was ready. Our new Pre-Order system allows a gamer to select the games they want and not worry about its going to the printer, or our the door. You can even bail out at the last second if you changed your mind. We think you need to keep showing the customers how the projects are doing and giving the gamers a chance to opt-in or opt-out. Since the gamer is no longer on the hook, it makes it necessary for the Designers / Publisher to do a good job or the gamer will simply walk away. I have gone to get lengths to show everyone we care and are making a much better product.

      As for the Loyalty system, we are taking into account all of the sales since I have taken over and we set up the last edition of the store. Trust me that is a lot of customer orders. If the even older data was in a format, we could have used we would have.

      I will let you all in on a new feature you will see available in the next week or so. All orders will use our new tracking system that will email you and text you when we ship you order when the order is out on a truck to be dropped off.

      I hope this gives everyone a better idea what we are doing.

    5. Nelson Isada
      Nelson Isada
      Hello from Alaska. I would like to pre-order two (2) copies of Trial of Strength, one of the greatest games ever! The preorder page seems to have a bug and now I have four (4).

      PS Do you need playtesters?
    6. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hey Nelson,

      Please wait until the new Pre-Order system is in place.

    7. David Gray
      David Gray
      Is there any way to monitor how many loyalty points you have accumulated? Thanks.
    8. David Heath
      David Heath
      There is no way to monitor them. Once you get to a new level you will see the higher discount on your orders. The nice thing about this system it counts all orders and not just the current order so there no points to track.
    9. David Gray
    10. Ty Snouffer
      Ty Snouffer
      I'm new to the store and am a bit confused on how to place pre-orders for reprints or new items. Evertyhing I want is in my cart. When I go to check out however, I am not able to do so. How to I place these pre-orders?

    11. Ty Snouffer
      Ty Snouffer
      Figured out my post above. I had a mix of pre-order and out of stock items in my basket. Once I removed the out of stock items, the pre-order items went through. Can one pre-order reprints though?

      [PS - Got your message David. Thanks]
    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      At this time we are not having pre-orders reprints. We are working on allowing this in the near future.

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    13. David Gray
      David Gray

      What is the maximum percentage discount that can be achieved via the Loyalty program? Thanks.

    14. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hmmm if I remember correctly it is 35% at this time.
    15. David Gray
      David Gray
      Wow! I need to order more product. Once it gets in.. :)
    16. Pete Frederick
      Pete Frederick
      Hi David - so, my current extensive list of pre-orders show only the currently discounted pre-order prices and not my loyalty discount. When will that discount be applied, at time of actual card charging? Also - I've got multiple pre-orders for LnLT games, but if they all come in at the same time to your warehouse, I would certainly want to take advantage of combined shipping for all the orders that can be filled at one time.

    17. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Peter,

      Your loyalty discount only kicks in when you complete a purchase and pay for it. Since Pre-orders are not charged or paid for until they move from Pre-order to an Available Product. Once a product moves from Pre-order to Available Product you will receive an email with a link to click on. This link is valid for ten days after the ten-day period the pre-order is canceled. Once you click on the link, you can add or change your address if needed. At this time your shipping will be calculated. At this point, your loyalty discount is applied to your order. Remember your loyalty discount is applied based on previously paid orders and not the current order.

      I hope that clears up any questions and if not please let me know.


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