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    Lock 'n Load Tactical Modern Era Core Rules Living Edition - Lock 'n Load Tactical Modern Era Core Rules Living Edition

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Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Nov 4, 2015.

    1. David Julien
      David Julien
      Who is the artist that done cover an interior arts?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hey Dave,

      Your image did not come up. I am not sure the question.

    3. David Julien
      David Julien
      Edit: I didn't find in credits who is the artist that drawn the soldiers on the covers and inside the manual.... ;-p
    4. David Heath
      David Heath
      Oh I am sorry David, It's in on the print edition on the back cover, we didn't update that on the PDF. I will of course fix that in the morning.

    5. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      Does this mean that the pre-orders for Heroes of the 'Nam are coming out soon? (Just curious so I can plan for the hit on my credit card)
    6. David Julien
      David Julien
      Great! :)
      BTW it is missing too on the WW2 manual.
    7. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      In the contents in the 17.0 Infantry and Artillery Against Vehicles header, you have the page number twice. (Not trying to be picky, I was comparing the two rulebooks' contents side by side and noticed the errors)
    8. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hey Guys,

      Please keep any issues or praise coming. This edition are to be consider a final walk through before final release. So keep them coming.

    9. Qwirz
      Mr. Julien
      We have no doubt on this!!!!;)

      Great work everybody!!!!!!
    10. David Heath
      David Heath
      Heroes of Normandy will be first one out the door, then Heroes of the Nam and Heroes of the Falklands. Yes expect it is be very soon.

    11. David Heath
      David Heath

      We made some updates so feel free to download the manual again and review it.

    12. JJ Parus
      JJ Parus
      Are there counters, maps, and scenarios available for purchase?

      I'll provide any mark-up suggestions once I've given it a read.

      LOOKS GREAT!!!

    13. MichaelCD
      Just to make sure, these can be used with Heroes of the Gap?

      Thank you.
    14. Barthheart
      Yes they can.
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    15. Stephen Fong
      Stephen Fong
      I am new to the Lock 'n Load Tactical Modern Era game system but I like the fact that once I have mastered the rules in one of the games I can essentially play any of the other games that are part of the Modern Era.
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    16. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hey Stephen,

      You are going to like this even more. Once you know the rules really well, we put all new rules and changes in the next edition of the rules in non-black color so you can easily skip and read just the parts you need to. This helps a lot with getting right back into playing and not reading over the whole rule book.

    17. Cottonbaler

      One more thing LnL could do to facilitate the transition to V4.1 for previous system players/owners is to make available copies of the new and improved quick reference cards that come with the new re-releases. Maybe as either a free download or for sale? I have all the earlier WWII Heroes games and expansions (and the new HotP) as well as FHV (two versions and expansion) and HotG (and expansion) and simply cannot afford to replace these with the new versions. My apologies if you have already made the reference cards available and I have simply missed them. If you haven't done so, you might want to consider it. I commend you and your team for making previous versions of LnLT compatible with the newest ones -- thanks!

    18. Terrement

      How much "slop" would you say are in the rules to edge out of the era? For example, Haven't yet played (new to this company of games) I have Band of Brothers. I'm buying the upcoming 'NAM game. How well would the rules /counters work for a modern battle pack? Close enough to give a decent game? Close enough to give a game but with some holes? Close enough to play with some scenarios OK but others that just fall apart? So different that you really can't cross periods?


    19. ejwolski
      Love the rulebooks! - I've got some suggestions that I'll detail below for the Modern Era Rulebook (some of these comments obviously carry over to the WW2 rulebook as well).

      Page 4
      First - the visual reference is awesome! It's just needs a few different or additional units to showcase the counters and possible markings. Specifically, I think this page should also include examples for Extended Range (5.4), Stealth Movement (6.4), Jamming (1.6.2), Assaulters (5.6), and Melee Bonus (8.5). I suggest adding the rules references to the labels if possible.

      Page 6
      1.2 Dice
      - should say "...2d6 means two dice are rolled." Picky - yes, but one is a die and two or more are dice. :)

      Page 8
      1.6.2 Jamming
      - this is great! The other special markings need to be labeled similarly. The capability description is the header, and the J superscript indicator is mentioned in the text. Compare to the M superscript (comments below). This should also be included on the visual reference on page 4.
      1.6.3 - Please separate flamethrowers (1.6.3) and satchel charges (should be 1.6.4). They are two distinct SWs with specific rules for each.

      Page 17
      Extended range - please include this on the visual reference on page 4.

      5.6 "A" Superscripted Firepower [Assaulters] - the title should be the capability, for example Assaulter or Assault Bonus. The indicator should be included on the visual reference on page 4 and in the description under 5.6. This paragraph, with the title updated, should serve as a model for the M superscript as well.

      Page 19
      6.4 Stealth Movement
      - please include this on the visual reference on page 4.

      Page 23
      8.5 "M" Superscripted Units
      - the title should be the capability like Hand to Hand Experts, Melee Experts, or Melee Bonus. Use the 5.6 Assaulter with updated title as a model for all such capabilities.

      HEAT Rules - I don't see anything about the red armor factors (assuming these designate Chobham style or reactive armor) effect on HEAT rounds. A quick perusal of my counter boxes shows 1 M1 tank (Day of Heroes), 1 Challenger tank (Ring of Hills box but must be from LOF scenario), as well as M1s, T80s, and others from Heroes of the Gap. I didn't see any in HeP, and I didn't check FH/AA.

      My v3.1 rulebooks for HOTG and DOH mention a -4 penalty to PV when shooting heat against the red AV units. The quick reference in the back of the new v4.1 rulebooks mentions 1/2PV penalty, but maybe that was updated at some point? In any case, I would consider it a core rule and not a module specific rule.

      I'll provide anything else I see upon further, more detailed reads.

      Again, awesome job!
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