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Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Nov 4, 2015.

    1. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      For each of the superscripts and Stealth and Extended Range, there is a counter image in the text, so it's covered there. There isn't enough space on page 4 for all of these w/o shrinking them and raising the ire of the "old eyes" crowd. As for the titles, it's 6 in one, half dozen in another. And I think it's better to have the Superscript as the header for reference to the Table of Contents. You want to know what an A-Superscript (or any other) is, that's what you'll see in the TOC (and yes I realize J-Jamming is a sub-header and not in TOC).

      I see your point on Flamethrowers and Satchels, but they had been tied together from early on and references to the rule pervade scenarios.

      HEAT rules for red armor are in module-specific rules.
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    2. Arnaud Bouis
      Arnaud Bouis
      Pages 60-61. Why does Dobie San and his squads op fire twice in the same turn ? Can they ?
    3. ejwolski
      Looks like a mistake - since both squads with Dobie San used opportunity fire (OF), they should've been placed under a FIRED marker and thus should be unable to fire a second time per the example. Had only one squad used OF, then the second squad would've been eligible to fire in a subsequent impulse. That's my read.

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