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    LnLT World War II Era Core Rules Living Edition v4.1 FINAL

    This is the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system written by Jeff Lewis. These rules present the core rules for the game system for modules taking place from 1930 to 1959. Notable changes from previous versions of the rules (v3.1 and earlier) will be presented in BLUE text. Feel free to use these rules with previously published modules.

    These rule manual come in two formats

    PDF Living Rules:

    Printed Book:

    We were asked if there was any difference between the PDF and the Printed book for the Lock'n Load Tactical Core Rules. The answer is YES there is, the printed book does have some tables and reference charts not in the PDF. They are more of general reference in this case. We do include the reference tables and charts in the new core games and expand on them for the game they are included in.

    We made the printed book available for those that have an older games in the series and wanted to use the updated rule set and have a hard copy in their hands.

    So if you are buying any of the newly released core games you will also get a printed copy of the manual with expanded reference cards. The new rules are available for anyone to download for free.



Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Nov 19, 2015.

    1. Michael J. Kitchin
      Michael J. Kitchin
      Hi there,

      Thanks for putting this together.

      This supersedes what we have for Heroes of the Pacific, correct?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      Yes but there should not be much of that.

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    3. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      Yes. There's better, and more refined, LOS examples in v4.1, and other clarifications or elaborations. The HotP manual is an integrated core-and-module rule set for that game.
    4. Orpheas
      Night Rules :
      page 52 & 53 a units firing at night substract 3 from their FP and OFT penalty is +3
      page 67 on the Rule Reference Table, the penalties are -2/+2
      Which one is correct ?
    5. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      It's -3/+3
    6. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      FYI: Page 56 has a different header than the rest of the manual. It says: Lock ’N Load Tactical v4.1 1930-1959 edition Rules. Just noticed it when I was flicking through.
    7. Warren Smith
      Warren Smith
      Have a question from the rules.

      10.3 first paragraph about midway down says "Subtract one from an attackers die roll or add one to a Leaders die roll..."

      Is the word "Leader" correct? Seems to me it should be defender. I'm new to the game and trying to get a grasp on the rules and this is confusing me. Sorry if it's a stupid question.
    8. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      It has to do with degrading terrain: you -1 from an attacker's roll for each hex of degrading terrain the LOS passes through, though three hexes of degrading terrain blocks LOS. You add one (+1) for each degrading terrain hex to the to-hit roll for ordnance attacks. So it shouldn't be Leader there; it should be ordnance to-hit roll. Will amend in the Living Rules. Sorry for the confusion and the error.
    9. Carlos S. Olivares Pérez
      Carlos S. Olivares Pérez
      If you are new, maybe it is clearer to you this:
      • On a Direct Fire attack subtract one from an attacker's die roll for each hex of degrading terrain the LOS passes through (as shown on the DFT table)
      • On an Ordnance Fire attack add one from an attacker's die roll for each hex of degrading terrain the LOS passes through (as shown on the OFT table)
    10. Jeff Lewis
      Jeff Lewis
      I've amended to the sentence in 10.3 to read:
      Subtract one from an attacker’s DFT die-roll or add one to an OFT to-hit roll for every hex the LOS crosses a silhouette of degrading terrain.

      Carlos, I've also amended the Satchel Charge section to be explicit in regards to attacks by an eligible SMC not being halved (I know this was of considerable concern for you); other weapons like Molotov Cocktails are Module-specific and will be addressed there. Tactical Note: never have an eligible SMC deliver a Satchel Charge unless it's out of sheer desperation.
    11. Barthheart
      Hey! I like my suicide bomber heroes thank you very much. :)
    12. Warren Smith
      Warren Smith
      Thanks for the help.

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