By David Heath on Mar 10, 2020 at 10:48 PM
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    We are happy to announce that Lock 'n Load Publishing signed a deal today with Nathan Hansen for his design Federation of Sol.

    In Federation of Sol, humans (with you as their acting leader) have achieved the technology necessary for interstellar travel, giving us the capability to expand our empire beyond the solar system. However, it turns out that we are not alone in the universe! Four rival alien races – the Snakes, the Roaches, the Bots, and the People Eaters – are not too thrilled at the Federation's advancement into what they believe is their territory. Top that off with the lurking threat of a band of fearsome space pirates, a race to achieve the best technology, and the ever-shifting tides of diplomacy and war, and Federation of Sol is a game that – both literally and figuratively – takes place on a galactic scale.

    Many things can go wrong on this journey. If an extraterrestrial ship is in Sol by the end of one's turn, the Earth is conquered and the humans will be lost to their new overlords. If Federation Stability drops to zero, anarchy will reign supreme. If all of the aliens achieve technology beyond what humanity could ever dream of, then mankind will be utterly outclassed and unable to progress outside of the solar system.

    We will be posting more information soon.
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