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    Lock 'n Load Tactical PDF and Print Editions

    Lock 'n Load Tactical World War 2 and Modern Era Demos Now available in both in FREE PDF download and in a new FREE print edition. The demo come in two settings, for World War 2 we have the West Front and for our Modern era we have Vietnam.

    These new Download PDF Demos come with 1" counters, extra large hex map, demo rules, scenario and game tables needed to play. You can download your FREE PDF edition from the links below.

    We are also offering for FREE a full color printed edition of the demo rules, 70 die cut mounted 1" square counters and one full color 11 x 17 extra large hex map. You only pay for handling and shipping. You can order your FREE print edition from the links below.

    So no more excuses, you now have everything you need to get into one of the easiest and most excited tactical systems available today.

    Free Print Editions
    (Please Note: You need to have an account in our store to order. This account is different from your forum account. You can use the same email, login and password if you like).

    Free Download Editions
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Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Jan 22, 2016.

    1. MichaelCD
      This is what I like to see! Definitely a helpful resource for the rules.
    2. burn3r
      I keep attempting to order the free print editions, but whenever I get to the "Delivery method" section I get the message "Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!" Am I doing something wrong?
    3. David Heath
      David Heath
      That normally happens when you have no shipping address in your store account.

    4. Barthheart
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    5. Lee
      I keep trying to order the Nam demo and keep getting the following: "Field format error: 10413 - The totals of the cart item do not match the order amounts."

      I am only ordering one copy of the demo and the cart reflects one item - can anyone help with this?
    6. silverbowen
      It looks like the demos are out of stock? Will they be coming back soon?
    7. mwalbion
      Lee, I had the same issue and missed out on both too. David suggested that I skip paying on the site and try to pay thru paypal, but it was too late.

      Here's hoping they get reprinted soon.
    8. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Guys,

      My Mom's house got destroyed by a flood and I had to race to New York and move everything out and get the house repaired. I been offline since AT&T said I could get unlimited bandwidth but didn't say it would stop me from being able to use my iPhone as a hotspot for my laptop. So I am not sitting in a cafe trying to catch up on things. I see what I can do when I get back guys.

    9. Nekoninja
      Will this free print demo be available in the near future?

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